Bitcoin & Crypto Markkinahinta Bottom – Onko tämä antautuminen?

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The Bitcoin and crypto markets may be finding a bottom price, the question that investors want to know is this capitulation and what next?

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Bitcoin & Crypto Markkinahinta Bottom – Onko tämä antautuminen?

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  1. Will get back into crypto once BTC reached $1.5k. I feel that’s what it is actually worth. You can see by the trading volumes going down week after week that the bottom has yet to be reached. But I definitely don’t thing crypto is dead. But we need to get rid of 90% of the projects out there, they have virtually no use sense and many just feel like plain scams.

  2. Odota, what? BTC went down this year 😧? I haven’t checked my wallet since last December, I just assumed we were going to 100K and all was good. Is this bad guys? Just learning this, should I panic, capitulate and get depressed all at once?

  3. +R C yeah agreed especially people from like car channels and stuffIt was like wait your a big car guy and now your and expert in crypto… Onnittelut “bro” LOL

  4. Why do people torture themselves by checking the market price on a daily basis? Unless you’re day trading, you shouldn’t. Just find a good spot to invest in, let the market grow naturally and sell accordingly. Your stress level will thank you 🙂

  5. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

  6. Tell you what Lark, I caught the blockchain bug bad. I’m freakin all in. I bought in at the top, I’ve been buying all the way down, and I’m going to keep buying, trading some, hodling some, and learning lots. I wish that I found crypto sooner, not just because of the gains, but because I went through a career change after the crash of 2008. If only I heard of blockchain sooner, I would have gone back to school for programming instead, and my student loans would be paid off. LOL.

  7. They could also buy Gold and learn some patience. Gold has also been stuck in limbo for the past 1 year or so… 🙂

  8. This is not a sad timethis is a chance of a lifetime to make profit. Only question is how low is bitcoin going. Chances like this is not coming very often, so now we have to play our cards right.

  9. Ei, because you can use your btc to pay for primary needs like food, housing, clothing, electricity, transport and Netflix in Australia. So I’ve heard today.

  10. I’m going to give you three AMENS to that Hannu Vaisto. Like I said above, I’m actually giddy, filled with tyrannical joy over the manipulators playing their stupid games on the unsuspecting. I expect ups and downs in the future, but how far down it might go in the future may not exceed the lows of today. It’s called seizing the moment. An amazing point in time to get while the getting is good.

  11. Definitely Lark. We have hit capitulation, I believe. A large majority of the weak hands have been shaken out. We are now just waiting for the regulatory frameworks to be put in place for on-boarding Institutional moneys and we will be on our way my friend!

  12. One thing I love about your communication style is that you don’t diss anyone except perhaps amorphous institutions. You are a child of the future and the future is Love.

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