Bitcoin & Crypto 2019 Markkinoida & Hinta Ennusteet

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What will happen to the crypto markets in 2019? What will the key trends be? What will happen to the price?


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Bitcoin & Crypto 2019 Markkinoida & Hinta Ennusteet

42 kommentit

  1. Thanks for all your videos this year lark and i think my favorite project in crypto is Thekey Chinese government could be deploying it in china in 2019 the government are evaluating it in june 2019

  2. I agree with your predictions and would add:
    This market is still immature so high volatility will continue through 2019
    Because technology advances slower than our enthusiasm we may have to wait until 2020 for all time highs
    This kinetic energy will keep building until it can be contained no longer. Incredibly exciting for us all as long as we are patient and play the long game

  3. Ah come on! Ya don’t be brushing that. You would ruin it. Maybe a couple strokes after it’s wet but other than that, Larks hair is fine! LoL

  4. Loving the increased comments I am reading from the ever growing Cardano community. Community plays such an important role in support and adoption 🙂

  5. Joo, Ethereum is going to lose a lot of its advantage. XRP will be closer to a house hold name. A private stable coin will appear that allows people to tumble their btc at entry exit. It will dominate the privacy market.

  6. juu. Non-fungible coins/tokens are coming to EOS and they’ll be associated with Gaming. juu — we don’t need the SEC, and Yepa major dapp is needed and it will come soon, and quite possibly on EOS. Joo, minä”m a big EOS fanbecause right now it’s the only one scaling. Friggin awesome.

  7. Lark can you update us with a kmd video. Super fantastic project with zero spotlight and highly undervalued. Staking on the agama wallet and the upcoming rebrand might turn people’s heads .Thumbs up Larky 👍

  8. We need to kick off the dapp web3 gold rush. Right now it’s mostly gambling apps, which is to be expected since they are easy and underserved markets. In the future we’ll get backpage clones, clever optimizations on margins like canwork and duber. As a dev I’m tired of giving 30% of my money to the platform before giving 30% of my money to the government. I have some apps out there that make money, and I have to shut them down because a centralized app store wants features that I never promised or implicitly said I would work on. They removed my most popular app because I wouldn’t create a backdoor for governments to censor and deperson people.

  9. bro do an update on singularityNET and its partnership with the SHIVOM human genome blockchain project also. Dr Ben Goertzel was just on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about AI and Blockchain stuff. I’m still really excited about this project

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