BIOCOIN ICO ReviewOrganic Food Solutions for the Blockchain!

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Can BioCoin shake up the way organic food is bought and sold?
P.S. I forgot to mention but this is not a paid video nor professional financial advice, just me talking about cryptocurrency!

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BIOCOIN ICO ReviewOrganic Food Solutions for the Blockchain!

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Luoma Sara Bauer ja Richard Abermann

21 kommentit

  1. Like the idea wonder if sprouts/whole foods would do something like this or jump on the ban wagon definitely something to watch imo but what happens ifwar were declaredfuturama quote

  2. Hey Crypto Lark, I remember you mentioning that you’re working on a vegan cheese business. Keep us posted on your progress. I live on a vegetable farm here in Cali and am working on a side business of producing worm castings on a large enough scale to market the castings and worm tea. The stuff is magic in the garden; and the many vineyards in the area and organic farms will want all they can get and pay good money for it. Also looking to grow saffron bulbs in the six acre field behind my house which has sat unused for a few years Best to you and your enterprise.

  3. Very interested in this initiative, from the coop angle, organic food space and loyalty program all in the crypto world…..I do biz with WFM and think this could have an application in US.

  4. Joo, crypto has a lot of potential to help move projects like this one forward. Really great incentive platform !

  5. Joo, crypto has a lot of potential to help move projects like this one forward. Really great incentive platform !

  6. Just like vegetables when it comes to meet the source is everything how the animals treated what the living conditions are and what are the farmers practices , do they dump their waste in local rivers or do they compost and utilize all their resources in a full Circle? When it comes to destroying our ecosystem it doesn’t matter what the food is what matters is how it was grown. We all must kill to live even ourselves we dissolving and kill our own body parts daily. The speakers in our cell phones are made from the tendons of cows. In our life it is absolutely impossible to become a vegan. I tried for two years to become a vegan to only end in frustration realizing time and time again that something I thought was vegan was not. One thing science has proven is when I eat a cow it is dead and does not feel it when I eat a salad those leaves are still alive and are sending pain responses throughout. So remember what’s most important is where it came from and how it was raised not what group of species it is apart of because everything is alive and deserves respect. On a lighter note I really think biocoin is a great concept and would like to see it take off especially in the US. Thanks for all you do Lark another great video.

  7. 9:40 että 10:20
    hi Lark,
    Great Video. Here some food for thought:
    On a normal loyalty program they would only be able to spend the discount/points on your shop, so if those points don’t come back, it is as in the discount was not made.

    With BIOCoins, they may not come back to spend the money, it is like giving actual money, not points. If the coin price went up, when the customer comes back he will give you less coins than he received, because the value is now higher, so maybe the business would have been better off just holding the coin and not giving it away as discount, as that 10% discount may mean 10usd today, but will mean 20-30 usd in some time if the value increases.

    I don’t know, I find it a bit confusing, their website does sayBusinesses do not suffer losses as a result of discounts since ALL BIOs, which are accrued to the customers, return to the business.

    I believe that is not right, recovering all BIOs would mean that the customer gets 10% off with the seller not loosing any BIOs.

    What do you think?

    Thanks 🙂

  8. I understand the marketing power of it, with other people who would normally not discover the shop, to go to the shop to buy with BIOCoins, that is good. I just don’t think it is well explained on their website. Muuten, I invested a little bit on this and I’m investigating it a bit better before suggesting any business owner to start using it, so I can explain it properly to them.

  9. Good thoughts, this is an argument that can be made for all crypto, but if it is not used then it has no value. More like a loyalty network I suppose and since they are targeting organic shops it may stay within a certain eco-system, but there is no certainty of returnhowever imagine you live in a moscow suburb where there are two organic shops one accepts and gives bio, the other does not….

  10. Help me understand how they can make me money cause im looking at this biocoin like you made it sound good but there is a down side to it help me understand can this make me money as i make it money ?

  11. Is biocoin trading on etherdelta? Anyone know the symbol? If not can you give us a heads up when it does? Kiitos

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