Sinun täytyy ajatella Bitcoin Big Picture! DigiByte | Cardano | Crypto Uutiset

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Incoming Golden Cross Could Push Bitcoin Price Over $6,000

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I am super excited for the very first ever #DigiByte Global summit in Amsterdam this Friday! Tweet

The soul of Shelley is out

CoinStar Bitcoin Review Screen if anyone is interested as to what it looks like.

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Sinun täytyy ajatella Bitcoin Big Picture! DigiByte | Cardano | Crypto Uutiset

47 kommentit

  1. I think DigiByte has an awesome future ahead as a source on monetary exchange for day to day transactions. LTC and BTC will be a store of wealth like gold and silver in the future.

  2. Why do people say Cardano can’t reach $5 because it has too much supply and yet Ethereum has much more supply and it reached $1300+. Cardano is future proofing itselfwhile all the others doing the same thing. Have limitations.

  3. DigiByte is the worlds fastest, longest, most secure UTXO blockchain in existence. 5 mining algorithms to prevent centralization. Has the most passionate community in the space. DGB focuses on cyber security over a means of exchange. DigiAssets getting ready to launch. We can then tokenize the world. It is an impressive technology that has been around since 2014. No ICO. And it’s under 2 cents right now. Act fast dude!

  4. Yes buy a lot of xrp, because I won’t lol.. this is one of the coins that made to suck your money, and make the creators rich. Do you think the banks are going to make coin more valuable than it’s fiat currency? The more xrp deals with banks, the more it will stay or even go under .30.

  5. I like the prospects of big picture presented by Bob Loukas. This is the goal for all the Hodlers. Just accumulate, hold, have patience , sell at ATH and enjoy simple things in life like paid off home, paid off car, starting capital money for your business and money for vacations to places that YOU always wanted to visit. Fulfilled dreams are PRICELESS.

  6. The Cardano announcement is merely a wordy statement that specifications for the blockchain (not all of them, just some) have been published. They’re not complete as a whole obviously, nor shall they be this year. Niin, essentiallyCardano won’t be up and running till 2020 …at the earliest.

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