XLM Stellar Lumen to MOON in 2018 – is this the Ethereum killer? The next Bitcoin?

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XLM Stellar Lumen is one of the most impressive projects in the crypto space. From the founder, Jed McCaleb's multiple successful projects (a little crypto called Ripple XRP), to the company's mission to provide banking and financial tools to the developing world, to the hardware and technology that sets it apart from all other blockchains.

Stellar Boomin wants some more!!!! XLM could be bigger than bitcoin and may even be working with Stripe.

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VASTUUVAPAUSLAUSEKE: Tämä ei ole taloudellista neuvontaa! Tämä on viihdettä ja mielipiteisiin perustuva näyttely. En ole taloudellinen neuvonantaja. Ota vain sijoittaa mihin sinulla on varaa menettää, ja sinun kannattaa tehdä oma tutkimus ennen investointeja.

XLM Stellar Lumen to MOON in 2018 – is this the Ethereum killer? The next Bitcoin?

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  1. Well hopefully you are right as I hold both Stellar and Litecoin, but I hold the most Tron. As far as which projects will emerge and make investors the most $ is all about partnerships, speed, backing, and functionality/fit. I think Stellar and Litecoin have both and I currently hold Tron, Tähtien, XRP, and Litecoin. There is a reason why Litecoin is on Coinbase but I am no financial advisor.

  2. Diversity is the key because by this time next year 75% of the coins will be gone. I figure if two of my four make it I will be happy. The other thing to look for as you know is coins like Stellar that that have other altcoins launching or building their platform.

  3. I like the rockets 🚀. And I like XLM for its usability, exchange and platform features. XLM may even be added to Coinbase before XRP because it’s so awesome. Why on earth is it still below a dollar?? Just from a value perspective. How can others without all this value be more in USD? Total sleeper. Kiitos

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