Vau! CME Revealed Bitcoin päivitys! Cardano yhteentoimivuus | Tron & BitTorrent Token Uutiset! [Crypto]

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CME Chairman Admits Bitcoin’s Finite Amount is a Problem

Tron’s BitTorrent Launching Snapchat Competitor, Integrating Its Native Crypto BTT

IOHK Founder Charles Hoskinson Says Crypto Industry Needs More Interoperability

Japani: Largest Railway Company JR East Considers Accepting Crypto For The Whole Nation

Japani: Largest Railway Company JR East Considers Accepting Crypto For the Whole Nation

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Vau! CME Revealed Bitcoin päivitys! Cardano yhteentoimivuus | Tron & BitTorrent Token Uutiset! [Crypto]

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  1. if you dont recognize ravencoin, then i advice everybody should start introducing yourselves to it, ^_^because it is the younger brother of bitcoin.

  2. Futures are what killed BitCoin, with any luck in the years to come, it will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. The CME’s public statement, however absurd, will have a neutral effect on BTC prices at best.

  3. Ha ha ha, Austin… your heavy sigh says it all! 😄 i am sure the mailman did not like email when it made him less relevant, but at some point even the mailman had to recognize its value and start using it. Kiitos video!

  4. What you don’t own Tron? They’re one of the fastest-growing blockchains after EOS & ETH plus you get free BTT every month just by holding it

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