Nouseeko Ethereum hintaan $10,000 Per Coin?? Mitä tarvitaan?? [Crypto Perspective]

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Joo! Tulet kuten tämä video. Today I want to talk about ETHEREUM.


Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Reveals Plans for Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Reveals Plans for Ethereum 2.0

94 Out of Top 100 Blockchain Projects are Built on Ethereum

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says His Son is an Ethereum Miner

What to Expect If Ether Futures Become a Reality?

Historical Snapshot – marraskuu 01, 2015

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**EI taloudellista neuvontaa! vain lausunto. Tee oma päätöksensä!
**EI taloudellista neuvontaa! vain lausunto. Tee oma päätöksensä!
**EI taloudellista neuvontaa! vain lausunto. Tee oma päätöksensä!

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Nouseeko Ethereum hintaan $10,000 Per Coin?? Mitä tarvitaan?? [Crypto Perspective]

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  1. Are any of those coins actually going to be used though? Based on projects I follow, these ERC 20 projects are only used temporarily until they get their own mainnet. Which gets dumped back in to the market right? I’m not questioning your right or wrong, just wondering.

  2. Rakasta videoitasi. Very unique from the other channels that all talk about the same news and TA. Those are great topics to have, but it becomes redundant when everyone is talking about it. Jatka samoin. Keep being different. And show your FACE for once!

  3. Pundi x buy now and HODL. Will be huge this project! Accumulate their free airdrop of 7.31% a month of whatever you hold by signing up or holding it on Binance until 2019

  4. I for one am very reluctant to use my crypto for anything if there is a chance it might hit $10000 in a tear or two. That is why no one is using itstability is key to adoption by the general public.

  5. Eventually top cryptos won’t be beatable because of their adoption and community size. Just like Google, no one can surpass Google now in what they are doing because they are way ahead of everyone! It’s the same with everything. There will be a ruler in crypto that will not be surpassable. Bitcoin and Ethereum have the power and will evolve! Mutta, it’s still possible that it’s early enough in this domain and that someone could surpass them.

  6. Too big to fail is just one step away from too big to bail. Just look at the US banks that were too big to fail a decade ago. They got a Trillion in bailout bucks back then. Nyt? They’d need Twenty Trillion. That’s a lot of trees to turn to tender legals. They’re unlikely to get it, lest the whole market hyperinflate and the economy collapse under a debt burden it will not be able to pay back. ETH will succeed on its own merits, not on the size of its current developer base, which can easily fluctuate.

  7. Yasha Harari very well said that is a book out to read called Too Big To Fail covering the 2008 lama. Care to read it? I am bullish on the market but over exuberance is a killer

  8. +Kathryn J. Hernandez I’m new to all of this, so please be kind. Since XRP is the transitional, would it be wise to invest a little into it while the world shifts away from the central banks? I will also be purchasing Ethereum. I don’t have a lot to invest which is why I’m asking (I’m on a fixed income).

  9. Hrvoje Batrnek very under rated comment. I believe EOS has a shot as well due to their 4 billion war chest, kanssa 1 billion ear marked for dapps.

  10. I have my portfolio divided between cryptos (BTC, ETH and LTC), some gold coins, Legos, lots of silver and no fiat. Im ready. Loved your input on ETH. Im betting on it

  11. +Kathryn Justice I’d say just to toss a bit into XRP at the moment, since it is very down at the moment, it wouldn’t hurt to toss say $50 tällä hetkellä, and that way you can work on buying in the future during dips (Toivon mukaan) while that $50 purchase would help lessen the damage so to speak

  12. +Kathryn Justice I have a little bit of the altcoins that are more often discussed, like ADA, BATCOIN, XRP, NEO, and Tron, but I bought at a bit above it’s middle ground price for the year and never sold them during this most recent dip unfortunately so that was a bit of a loss 🙃 I’m just trying to get to 8 ETH, currently at 3, ja 20 LITE, currently at 5, I’m just glad that I landed a great job this year and I’m getting a yearly bonus and a good tax return pretty soon

  13. +B VV that’s great news about the job and that’s okay about the little loss, I believe it will all work out in the future. Try getting some physical silver, like coins before 1964 from pawnshops. They are 90% silver and can also be bought 1 at a time or even by the pound on Ebay. That way you have something physical other than paper fiat and electronic 1s and 0s. I’m trying to cover all my bases and not limit my options/resources for the future. Onnea.

  14. XRP/Ripple lost the war ETH is taking the reins..
    European Union has announced it has set up a transactions channel with Iran to bypass U.S. seuraamukset. The launch of INSTEX

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