Why this Bitcoin Crash is GOOD for crypto HODLers! ZCash Binance NEO Goldman Sachs

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Why this Bitcoin Crash is GOOD for crypto HODLers! ZCash Binance NEO Goldman Sachs

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  1. I started in Late December, tammikuu, Elliott, so you can imagine both how much and how little I’ve seen so far. Tästä huolimatta, I was never told coming into this space that there wouldn’t be times like these. Quite the opposite, itse asiassa. I never invest more than I can afford to lose, as this is a legitimate attempt to make a very positive and memorable move in my life. Win or lose, it’s a long experience that I’d never have if I didn’t try it. Lopulta, let all the weak hands sell off, I’m in it for the long term (as anyone who has ever gained big in this market has been), and I believe in these projects.

    Great work as always. I like that you actually offer something aside from news and prediction, you make it clear that you care about your audience, and you actively post videos with the sole purpose of educating them.

    Hyvä on, enough praise, LOL, rock on brotherman.

  2. Mies…I love FUD TV and their attitude. This is by far and away the best source of information on YouTube. Many other channels give info but immediately say it could go this way or that. Duhso why bother saying anything. I’m considered new to this space and don’t want others hurt but I want more red so I can acquire more and more. Tnank you so much for your hard work oh helping us all. I have such a man crush!

  3. Thank you for your welcoming comments about women entering the crypto space. My day isn’t complete without watching one of your videos. Jatka hyvää työtä!

  4. FIAT pairings getting closer evry day : -)

    I am seriously considering building a shrine to CZ in my living room. At night we will gather round it and chantFundz are safe”.

  5. Seriously man these comments are so important to me and it’s really my pleasure to be a support system for the community. What we are doing is revolutionary and not meant to be easy, and on days like today it’s a joy to pass around some optimism. We got this 🤘🚀

  6. You nailed it again! Man I can’t wait to see a video about tash token from your perspective. Definitely time to take for ourselvesmaybe to go on a vacation or holidays. Cheeeeers 🙂

  7. I’m right there with you. I got into bitcoin in december, and I was into the alts by january. I never put in more than I am prepared to lose, and I firmly believe in the projects that I am invested in, so I dont get stressed in times like these. I like what you said about the experience. Win or Lose, I know that I gave it a shot. Like you, I’m trying to make a positive change in my life long term, not just a double-up or a new car. keep on hodlin!!

  8. More inspirational content from FUD TV, I love it. Thanks Ellio for bringing your bullish outlook to the crypto community on a daily basis. Hodl strong, buy the dip, keep educating yourself about this market and adapt when necessary. Hopefully we all win in the end.

  9. Elliot glad to hear u took some time out for yourself dude, you deserve it you work so hard my friend. Thanks again for all your great work keeping us updated on developments in the crypto space ^_^

  10. Johannes! Thanks for being such a great supporter of the channel man, I see your name every day and it gives added purpose to the content. We have so much in the works and knowing that #FUDnation is rapidly becoming the best community in crypto is what makes us want to work harder each and every day 🤘🚀

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