Why I Like KuCoin Exchange & KuCoin Osakkeet!

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Hei Altcoin Daily Team,
Today I wanted to talk to you about why I like KuCoin Exchange. I'll take you through the website, talk about KuCoin Shares, and also I invite you all to comment your referral code below the video.
Let's get into it!

Kuten. merkitä.

**Not financial advice. vain lausunto.

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Why I Like KuCoin Exchange & KuCoin Osakkeet!

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  1. for our altcoins to be worth millions we need investment from pensions and hedge funds- that will only happen once ecoins are regulated with some type of international law to stop the scams and misplaced funds; Sorry but guv and banks need to be involved and if we know this and have the coins now, before them, we will be very very rich. The banks are moving in now to lower the market ready to take control….another red day and another manipulated market.

  2. I know I have said this before- but i was involved in some of the other markets-FTSE/option/gold/silver- This drop has happened since futures were issued. The same market manipulation occurred when futures were issued in the Gold, Silver and Uranium markets. The banks want in, but not until the market is low. Expect BTC to drop to under £5000 before the big players turn it around. Hold your Altcoins and do not bring any more Fiat money in until BTC is around 5K. good luck all….FIAT is in its geriatric years and crypto is the future….the banks want to buy our currencies at the cheapest possible price…….but then again so do we. (Beware Mt.Gox)
    Yesterday more bad news to bring market down; The powers have again today tried to cause a price drop—-Bad news day again- (all part of the plan) Shenzhen police arrested six individuals who allegedly defrauded 3,000 Chinese investors out of $47 million by selling a cryptocurrency they claimed was backed by a commodity. see Pu’er Coin/ Pu’er Tibetan tea firm. China ensuring the cryptomarket is clean and ready for the government to join in? and Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Accused of Shilling Sham ICO After Charging $500,000 A Tweet. Also see- Bitcoin Price Too Volatile for Merchants, Claims PayPal CFO…etc.
    Secretly corporations and governments are already invested in crypto, USD (by Morgan Stan) coming soon; Kiina, Israel and many others all starting projects….the future is crypto, but timing for buying and selling is all important for us.

  3. One of the top exchanges right now and my favorite one! I really think that KuCoin will be the new binance soon! Such a young exchange with such a good management and development team! I will not post my referral code, but guys you should definitely make acc there! I’m still hoping to see your review about STP and tash tokens, but hopefully I will see it soon. Continue your great work guys, people love it! Kippis.

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