Where Do YOU See Cryptocurrency In 5 vuotta? Is Bitcoin A Good Investment?

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Willy Woo with Nolan Bauerle | SXSW 2019

Willy Woo with Nolan Bauerle | SXSW 2019


This Chart Shows That Bitcoin Has Never Entered A Bear Market

Lindy Effect Chart

Willy Woo Tweet: Bitcoin’s core utility is that of a store of value.

Samsung’s bet on Bitcoin mining

Viserrys: Site traffic to Binance and Coinbase hit new 2019 highs in May.

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Where Do YOU See Cryptocurrency In 5 vuotta? Is Bitcoin A Good Investment?

46 kommentit

  1. It’s crazy that we are the 1% and this is just the beginning. I’m very excited for the future. Thanks for the videos! 👌

  2. iv been here 5 years already and if it keeps going like the past 5 years we are in for something amazing

  3. I’m positive for the next 5 vuotta. The big players have bought in and will drive up the price with marketing like Greyscale. Bakkt and Fidelity etc will follow when full live. Hodl for the next 5 ehkä 10 vuotta, BTC LTC XRP ADA TRX and HOT. Thx for the great work. Almost 100K subscribers💪

  4. Sisään 5 years Bitcoin will have gone throughhalvingtwice from this point. It will be at least $1 miljoona.

  5. @Altcoin Daily Won’t price become stable and the wealth of the world transition’s over. Ne, missing out on all the gains that got price there to begin with?

  6. Tulevaisuudessa, we can walk by a coffee shop and see posters listing thier prices in satoshis. Buying everything like coffee with crypto will be common.

  7. I have asked for people so far today about bitcoin and the best answer I’ve gotten is “is that an app where you get paid for walking?”
    We have a long way to go.

  8. Ei, cause there are millions of Satoshies per BTC, it will always be a place to store part or most of your wealth to keep your funds safe and stable from fiat devaluation

  9. Nicely narrated, the visuals, especially that stockmarket-ish BTC chart, really helped with the explanations. Nice channel. I will be watching a few more of your vids and doing other reading, cryptos are a thing I’ve only recently become interested in so I have a lot of catching up to do. Your vids make it easy for a n00b like me to understand!
    Those guys who hoarded BTC back when they were REALLY new and worth hardly anything and other random guys like the taxi driver who received like 30 Bitcoins for a fare must be laughing themselves silly all the way to the bank!
    Hyvin…NOT the bank, those are the things we want to get away from, but you get my drift! 😉

  10. MILLENIALL INVESTOR I sure believe so. Maybe in 3-5 vuotta. I’ve been living so frugal and been investing almost all of my paycheck every week. I’m not dating anymore because that costs too much money! I’d rather have crypto!

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