Kun ostan? Milloin ottaa voitot? [Bitcoin / Altcoin / kryptovaluutta Strategia]

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Hei Altcoin Daily Team!

Today I want to go over some basics with you. When do I buy? When do I take profits? I'm gonna tell you what works for me.

Kuten. merkitä.

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***EI taloudellista neuvontaa. vain lausunto. Do your own research. Tee oma päätöksensä.

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Kun ostan? Milloin ottaa voitot? [Bitcoin / Altcoin / kryptovaluutta Strategia]

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  1. Awesome Video as allways ! I love to see those videos . they allways help me finding the bottom or atleast they help me when i try to find the bottom. Jatka hyvää työtä !

  2. Man thanks for the time you put in. What I did is sell back at the end of April and then invested (not trading) back in June and ended up doubling my coins. I was xonvinced the around 6K BTC area would hold and I was willing to sell at 8600 as ot turned out it reached 8500. But that is not the point. I use BTC as barometer and put my money in alts, but they got demolished. hävisin 30%. Sold at 7200 BTC in early August and I was dumb scared to buy back 2 days ago. I would have doubled my coins again so a quadruple from April. If I buy now at BTC 6300 I would still get 30-60 % of ICX, NEO, OMG and NAS. The four of them got really good pumps. So now I wait again. I could have doubled up my cash in 2-3 päivää. Eventually it will go down more.

  3. Altcoin brothers! Thanks for making al these videos for us! Love the DeepOnion video you have made before and looking forward to see even more. Kippis.

  4. Thank you so much for putting that Eric ranon in his place. That’s how they go around scaming pple. Thanks for protecting ur fans. U are the first YouTuber that I ‘ve seen doing this. I usually think that they are in cohort with these scammers thats y they ignore them when they fish on their channels. But u are different and that awesome. BIG THANK U AUSTIN AND HARON.

  5. I got rekt from not selling anything at 11 and 10k. Could have had 4-5 times more coins. At this point I really don’t care what happens.

  6. Thank you so much for this video! I sincerely appreciate your efforts in equipping us with knowledge to become better crypto investors. Eilen, when the alts were pumping, I sold all of my ADA, XLM, BAT & XRP; kuitenkin, I didn’t “cash out”, I used the proceeds to increase my position in BitCoin. I plan to take out positions again in these ALTS when they’re lower. Watching this video, confirmed that I made a decent move. Please keep educating usit’s much appreciated & needed!!

  7. NIce job on video! You might want to sell out when you have double digits profits then go into USDT. Then re enter the market without any losses when your ready to buy alts or bitcoin you actually protect your profits that way. I am not an expert just a small advise.

  8. I am not going to buy any bit or alto unless btc will drop below 5000 dollars.($4750 may be the dead bottoms). by that times, you will see many alto coins whose value will be
    nolla. you may surprise to see BITFINEX listed alto coins . you see many coins whose 24 hour volumes are 0 USDT, o eth, 0 BTC. buy the dip is ok for btc, but also value may be zero.

  9. Thank you for the info! minulla on kysymys. How do you know when to increase your Holdings? When it goes down a certain percentage? I’m sure you just don’t randomly choose a number.

    Also I’m curious on what you and your brother think of Scorum? It’s a blockchain social media platform like steemit thats specifically geared towards Sports.

  10. mahtava video! I am pretty much a newbe to crypto currencies. I noticed you mentioned you bought Cardano at $.14. I’d like to know if you’d be able to sometime next month do a video on exactly how you do your buys because I have learned that I always have had to buy ETH & then trade it for whatever alt coin I really wanted such as XLM and even then I feel I am losing out because if I could simply buy the alt coin with USD funds I’d get more. If you can’t do a video in the near future any advice on how to purchase the alt coins & receive the max amount as if you were using USD would be helpful to me. Thanks and keep those videos coming.

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