When Is The Next Bull Run? Ethereum Scaling with Plasma! Twitch TV Bitcoin Tipping, IOTA Qubic

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When Is The Next Bull Run? Ethereum Scaling with Plasma! Twitch TV Bitcoin Tipping, IOTA Qubic

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  1. Mielenkiintoista. I hadn’t heard anyone connect futures to the 6, 6 theory. Could very well be. Tai “theycould flip it on us now that we’ve discovered the pattern. Guess we’ll know Wednesday!

  2. Can you do a review on bezant please. Bezant has one of the best teams I have seen so far including the former CEO of Bithumb and many developers from Kakao. It is a Korean project and also has a partnership with the loop from icon. I am as bullish on bezant as I am on thekey longterm. Bezant will definitely be listed on Bithumb and Upbit soon.

  3. Pavel Durov opened a public sale of tokens on Telegram! That’s the kind! For a couple of days they snapped up practically all the tokens on newtokens.info/gramnetwork

  4. I’m cool with the dips so I can keep buying more of my favorite coins. Love your outlook on the market and couldn’t agree more Ellio!!! I think all of us early adopters will be able to make serious gains and have financial freedom in a couple of years.

  5. Trading bots are in general pretty predictable. I believe most big firms are using them.Maybe that’s why we are seeing ups and downs on certain times of the month. Just a thought…..

  6. Another smart contract platform that has a lot of Chinese ties is Nebulas.

    (Now has over 2000 Dapps deployed in first few weeks due to an incentive program. This week launched there mobile wallet with built in dapp store)
    The team participates and hosts meetings all over, especially China.

  7. May I ask kindly what incentavizes you to make these everyday? Do you make money for your views? do you not make money doing this? What motivates you on adaily basis to so brilliantly update me every day on crypto news? Very curious.

  8. We have a consulting business, clothing business, Blockchain projects in development that we network through the channel, and a host of other smaller businesses that make us way more money than we would make from doing sponsored content or any weird stuff. they all benefit tremendously from this platform both in visibility and credibility. For that reason we refuse all paid offers (even interviews and random stuff) because it’s our reputations that we are building here. We also are just obsessed with Blockchain and crypto and believe it’s going to change the world and want to be leaders in the space, as personalities, founders, and investors. I am not the only part of the teamthough I’m the loudest 😝🤘 thanks for supporting

  9. Many sources have been saying since the futures the manipulation has been heavy! It was just about to hit the 20k mark then bam futures market kicked in

  10. I agree that there are possible other explanations for the EOS pump but with arbitrage all traders can balance out pumps on other exchanges so that doesn’t matter. In fact bots already do that. And while the last minute fomo is possible it’s HIGHLY unlikely as EOS was the only coin in double digit gains that day and the market simply doesn’t have the volume of FOMOing noobs to support that. I’m sure some other people bought but I’d bet my whole stack that they pumped their coin, and furthermore I think they have huge motivation to do so (it makes their project look hot and desirable)

  11. There are tons of reasons for the last minute buys block producers buying votes, air drops and EOS domination. Myös, Look at the charts 2 kuukausia sitten, EOS had 30% 20% 10% on a regular basis. Maybe this is a changing of the guard and EOS is the one leading the markets higher. During the bull run 2 months ago EOS pumped 2 days before the rest of the market made a move, that pump lasted the entire time. It also was the first to turn down in this recent market. Niin, all I’m saying is that sometimes the obvious answer is not the right one. Think outside of the box (you often do, I’ve been watching your channel since you had 1000 subs)

  12. FUD TV. Ahh, yes you did. Nice vid. Since then they’ve been fundamentally strong, price action thoughnot yet I’ll just say. Need to get on larger exchange soon that accepts new US customers.

  13. you’re clearly very smart and crypto savvy. I am totally willing to admit that there are other possibilities and that’s totally possible. I take it as mg responsibility to report to those less sophisticated who do less research. Given how low volume that day and the $120 Million transfer it just made sense. I took a risk with that episode as (I guess) I did with this one. I support EOS and made a big video on them recently and put them in my top 5 coins for May. Regardless I still think they pumped the coin. Thanks again for supporting the channel

  14. Fair enough and I respect your opinion. kuitenkin, we can agree to disagree :). A well-educated debate is always healthy and allows both of us to explore a different point of view. Keep up the great content Ellio, I do enjoy your channel.

  15. This is by far my favorite crypto channel and I guess i’ve been with you guys since just after you started. I listen as i’m riding my bike to work most often so I never seem to get time to comment. I love the honesty and integrity that FUD TV represents. Jatka hyvää työtä.

  16. olen samaa mieltä. Very realistic and bullish but not over the top! Just the way I like it. Good information as well 🙂

  17. I am fully convinced on the use case of money, but everything else i am not. I understand that sending bitcoin to someone is faster and cheaper and takes out the middle man. But what about other utility tokens? What are they doing that the internet is not already? Is this simply going to be for fundraising? I had a bunch of alts but consolidated to bitcoin and ethereum simply because i not convinced of this decentralized layer and how it applies to other use cases other than money.

  18. John Mcafee is not a natural born US citizen. Why do people keep talking about him running for president? I even read an article that claims he has a good chance at winning. He wasnt born here. End of story. I mean, I suppose he can run, but he isnt allowed to actually take office.

  19. That’s funny I didn’t realize he was born in England but to American parents. As an almost lawyer I think he may have found some wiggle room in the “natural born citizen” definition

  20. vai niin, his parents are American? I didnt know that. Hyvin, I would think that at least gives him an argument for eligibility. Kiitos. Henkilökohtaisesti, I think perhaps a lawmaker or someone with a career in civil service would be more suited, perhaps someone that isnt a…..what’s the word? Doper? Druggie? I am a relatively intelligent person, but I wouldnt dream of running for president with the things in my past. Presidents are groomed from a young age. Vähintään, they used to be……

  21. I’m not a libertarian, but many of my views line up with theirs, we just have different ideas about how to achieve our goals. Last time around, I hear that Mcafee lost the nomination to Gary Johnson, who I think is not really presidential material. Not that any of the other options were all that great…. But if the libertarians ran someone with integrity, backround, and a genuine platform that would benefit the American people, they would have my vote in a new york minute.

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