What’s Going On In The Market Today? Bitcoin Cash | EOS | dogecoin [Crypto Market Check-In]

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Hei Crypto yhteisön!
It's a late night crypto market check in!

Today I want to talk about Bitcoin and the crypto market! Let's do it up!

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Big Things are happening. Katso video.

Kuten. merkitä.

***Not financial advice. vain lausunto. Use this channel as a starting off point.

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What's Going On In The Market Today? Bitcoin Cash | EOS | dogecoin [Crypto Market Check-In]

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  1. First response. Great channel. Am really optimistic with what was going last night. Crypto prices jumped for almost every currency am monitoring. I hope btc reaches 30k soon….

  2. Btw its been almost a year since btc spiked 19k. Do u think we are approaching a bull run in next 2 mo or so ?

  3. Actually now everyone is start taking there position. Only people who are in loss in this market are recent investor. Just keep looking

  4. If futures are given for Ethereum, will the price not drop out similar to what has happened to BTC?

  5. why would projects leave ethereum for eos.they claim can do alot but they got hacked in the past,now they had a bug that steals from ur wallet?why would projects not choose tron over ethereum instead?greetz ed.

  6. Look at Timi coin it was just added to coin maket cap. I know I have mentioned it a while ago. It deals with healthcare records and dna records. Toinen suuri video

  7. What is the definition of a crypto king? Pretty sure I want the title crypto queen in my future, just need to know what exactly I’m shooting for. Thanks for another informative video!

  8. juu! olen samaa mieltä! It’s good to see slow steady growth not huge pumps (apart from BCH poss because of proposed ‘forkand Doge)

    Kaksoset (Winklevoss twins) exchange sponsoring Litecoin Summit! Will we get an announcement of Litecoin being added soon?

  9. You might not like Doge coin, but lots of people do , it’s a people coin. I invested some into it, not too much but I’m happy. I feel when the bull run happens it will be up there. If you don’t have die hard following, I’am sorry your cryptos might not make it. Doge people are hardcore, loyal they will hang in there no matter what, I love it.

  10. +Altcoin Daily you might be right only time will tell. But like I said a small investment gave me lots of coins if it goes to .10 cent, I’ll be poping the champagne. LOL

  11. +Sam Gabriel its means, that Bull run might have already started. No one can predict this market. Best strategy is average dollar cost and hold.

  12. UPS shipping is looking at doge and yahoo added doge. Robinhood adds doge on the 15th.
    Just listed on 2 big exchanges in Indonesia and Canada
    They are also working on paying to get listed on binance .

  13. Altcoin Daily Exactly I believe the institutional money is going to pour in when we least expect it we’re gonna wake up one day and there bots will have bought a bunch of coins driving the price up don’t think they’re not putting their equipment in place to do this they’re doing that as we speak I have dry powder ready to go in case there’s another drop I’m not buying anything at the moment because I don’t know which direction we’re going but I do believe that by the end of this year or 2019 we’re going to see our market cap reach 1 trillion and then people are going to start to take notice when that happens I believe we’re going to go above 1 trillion rather quickly it’s a good idea and what I tell people to get invested within the next few months Because you never know in this market is going to explode again and prices double I see Manero and in the year at around $300 a coin around 15 tai 16,000 XRP around a dollar and Ethereum around four to $500

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