What Will The Next Bitcoin Bull Run Look Like? 2019? 3-5 vuotta? [Cryptocurrency Motivation/News]

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Hei Altcoin Daily Team!

What will the next bitcoin/ cryptocurrency bull run look like? What will we actually see in the world? Will it happen in 2019 or sometime in the next 3-5 vuotta? Let's talk about it!

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What Will The Next Bitcoin Bull Run Look Like? 2019? 3-5 vuotta? [Cryptocurrency Motivation/News]

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  1. Pretty sure ELASTOS is a complete monster. Take a look at there cyber republic (CR100) and empower 35. Not to mention merge mining and a community directed future. I’ve been in this space a long time and ELA is the best coin I’ve seen since BTC.

  2. I personally think Bakkt exchange will be the catalyst for the next bull run. The CBOE etf will be approved after Bakkt is launched taking us to a another level. Along with coinbase custody and prime the ground work will be layed for the institutional money to enter the space. I just saw Bank of America is filing for a patent to be a custodian for Digital assets so I’m pretty confident the institutional investors are on their way

  3. Altcoin Daily What are your thoughts on XRP? I kinda have mix feelings about it. By them teaming up with the banks and all. I feel like the banks are not need and that cryptos are meant to be peer to peer. Banks only pay a role as a middle man. I held XRP a few times but I find myself getting rid of it everytime.

  4. Thank you for your great videos
    olen samaa mieltä 100% with all you say..
    Question is how high Market cap will go before pop up I believe when market cap reach 4-5 Trillions in couple of years will be perfect time to take big profits after will be big correctionand then buy low again in next google or amazon….
    Respect from.Macedonia

  5. 3-5 years I hope I will be thinking about the 2018 and asking myselfWHY I BOUGHT ONLY FEW BTCs?”

  6. AWESOME!! Elastos is my favourite project & i believe it’s going to be massive. Elastos hitting the Market at a time when Big Tech is censoring content & freedom of speech. The latest coordinated censorship attack on Alex Jones infowars & what they deem as fake news across the globe is getting priority from Big Tech companies. Now we have bad actors surrounding us defining our reality through social media, operating systems & search engines. Elastos couldn’t come at a better time, just like the world was desperate for a decentralized currency when Bitcoin launched in 2008, the world is in need of a P2P smart Web ten years later. Elastos could provide to the masses in regards to not allowing censorship such as Alex Jones and others. We need Elastos immediately & definitely will need it in the near future with the way things are going! People are missing the point, whether people agree with Alex Jones or not, the principle that big tech can shut down an entertainment platform for alternative views is alarming & it will not stop there.

  7. You know me. I love Stellar because of its partnerships. I’m liking ADAI’m thinking about Nulls.

  8. I think you’re spot on. If you think about it, the SEC knows that they have to give the big money somewhere to go when the stock market starts tumbling pretty soon. And interest rates are so low, it’s not like bonds are the backup anymore. Even real estate is beyond the buying power of most working people at this point, so that can’t absorb enough of the money that will flea stocks. They need to give their constituency crypto ETFs, or their entire house of cards comes tumbling down.

  9. The only reason I haven’t done ELA is that I already hold so much NEO, HAVE, XLM (all of which ELA uses). I don’t want to be too consolidated in one coin family. But if I didn’t already have the others, I would definitely get this one.

  10. ALSO, more and more people will be talking abotu crypto. it will go mainstream and your average joe and jane will be talking about it. Your friends

  11. I believe when BTC goes through 13k it will mark the start of new hysteria. It’ll be all over the news outlets.

  12. +Altcoin Daily Yet they ‘re partenering with Vendit payment system, which means that you’ll be able to pay your Uber with Linda coins by the end of the yearDoes it really sound like a scam now ? Plus one click masternodes, staking, scalable 176 trs/ sec ?? Kuten, really ?

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