What Sets Bakkt Apart? CFTC Regulate? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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Quick Video! Answering two question.
1) What sets Bakkt apart in the digital asset space?
2) Does Bakkt have to worry about CFTC regulations?

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Bakkt blog post:

News Article:

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What Sets Bakkt Apart? CFTC Regulate? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. In a few years were going back to those videos and laugh because we hodld and it finnaly paid of

  2. In my opinion the bull run will begin at the end of this year, sisään 2017 we did not have the capacity to sustain the bull run longer because the existing exchanges could not handle the volume of new investors trying to enter the market. En ymmärtänyt, että se oli vielä yliostettu ja korjaus oli väistämätöntä. Markkinoilla oli lähes olematon rakenne. Nyt kaikki uuden infrastruktuurin luotavassa pitäisi poistaa suurin osa kyseisen ongelman. Sillä välin, markkinat jatkavat mitä se on tehnyt. The smart investors are beginning to accumulate more bitcoin through Mr Micheal Logan Day Trading/ Mining Multiply platform which he also share information how this scam companies operate and successful ways to recover funds from such companies and more will do so if we drop even lower. My guess is the bottom will be between 5.8- 6 k Too much institutional investment occurring for the market not to recover soon . You can contact Mr Micheal Logan on Micheallogan11@gmail. com or via * WhatsApp +1 (872) 256-1750

  3. Buy bitcoin now. Hodl until the end of the year. Thanks for keepin us updated.

    heard today on the radio US government is trying to watch the movement of fentanyl. Could be a great use for vechain or other supply chain crypto. (I don’t know how to tell them that though without sounding like an idiot….)

    They were also talking about how the market crash and subsequent bailouts were made illegal in 2009, meaning big money would roll into crypto with a market crash.

  4. I do appreciate all the info from all the different channels. What i fear is that soooo much talk about these products coming out for soooo long has somewhat numbed everyone to it. People in this space are not really moved anymore by the news. Being disillusioned, numbed out, and general apathy are the order of the day.

  5. today zaif is hacked. are you sure that big investment to crypt market come while there are still hacking and price manuplationes ? I doubt it.

  6. Great content, thanks as always.
    I would like to see a video of what the altcoin would look like if bitcoin dropped to 5, 4, or 3k.

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