What about Ripple?? Why Coinbase will NOT be adding XRP! [kryptovaluutta, Bitcoin, Altcoin Uutiset]

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Viimeisimmät uutiset: Coinbase has released a press release stating that they are planning to add Cardano, Basic Huomio Token, Stellar Lumen, and 0x. BUT WHAT ABOUT RIPPLE'S XRP??

I've pulled a couple articles. Let's check it out.

Press release:

Kuten. merkitä.

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What about Ripple?? Why Coinbase will NOT be adding XRP! [kryptovaluutta, Bitcoin, Altcoin Uutiset]

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  1. XRP will not get on Coinbase until the SEC comes out and clarifies whether its a security or not. So don’t even dream of XRP showing up on Coinbase until that SEC decision is made clear.

  2. I think ADA and ETH are really good. I will be investing in both to hedge. I like Ethereum’s young and move fast mentality to innovate, and I also like Cordano’s slow and steady win’s the race, mature innovative mentality.

  3. They would add XRP when the CEO of ripple let go of his 60% stake of XRP , They just dont want the price to jump to $10 and the CEO of ripple will be the richest man on earth that easy , too much power in one man hands

  4. even if they declare they wont add XRP , they would add XRP when the CEO of ripple let go of his 60% of xrp , they just dont want the price to jump to $10 and the CEO of ripple will be the richest man on earth that easy , too much power in one man hands

  5. 🤣 I find it hilarious that BK called it BCash on national TV 🤣, I’m sure Rodger Ver dropped a few F-Bombs in his living room when he heard that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Your video was based on fake news with no reliable source fincen has already declared it not a security, think you need to watch CKJ and get up to date with your research

  7. About 5 prosentti…the same as XLM. Which is why I am well aware they are very similar and the Stellar Foundation actually holds more circulating supply by percentage of XLM than Ripple does of XRP. What I don’t like is BS. Which is what Coinbase is full ofI am a lawyer by trade and am well aware of the numerous lawsuits against Coinbase, tenfold than those than against XRP. Bittrex and Kraken both list XRP so the SEC argument is baseless. And XRP has the former Chair of the SEC Mary Jo White as their lawyer.

  8. SEC know its not a security for what ever reason they havnt announced it . the only people that want that announcement are retail investors that buy on speculation and trade with there emotions but this wont matter to cryptos when the big boys get in to crytos

  9. FinCEN has a legal public document stating its declared a nonsecurity this is a government agent sec is also a government agent for one to go back on another decision would open up the biggest consumer lawsuit of all time do your research

  10. The rabbit hole is deep with this one and at first i was a non believe in XRP but as the years have past ive taken a better look at it

  11. But isn’t that the goal of EVERY coin CEO
    So basically it’s just a brawl an people holding others back when they all could just get money together.

  12. Stop asking people can get xrp in a hundred different ways .coinbase is becoming irrelivent and will one day beg on its kneesfor xrp to be listed.

  13. Alex Milne why are you sure about that? Many large investors watch fast money, I would think that anyone that has a stake in the price of the crypto markets would be interested to see how major non crypto investors are being educated on the space.

  14. GREATGREAT video. You broke it down so well thank you. The one thing I would add is that 0x is owned by CoinBase and is a working product where ADA is more long term and isn’t right now.

  15. Are not some of those coins CB going to list were ICO’s? Coins that were ICO’s are going to be classed as securities soon so will affect many of the popular ones you see today. Double standard from CB.

  16. look i own 50% väre 50% BCH , i know XRP is long play and the winner eventually cause they are the one that are making real adoption . I meant the chairman not CEO . and why do you say XLM have 80% where you got this info !!

    i can see XRP jump this week due to SBI exchange launch and DX Exchange end of this month . but that would pump and dump the coin again . dont be optimistic YET ! XRP 2020 real gains . this year still btc bch ether year

  17. Guys, yall might want to watch bearableguy 123decoders videos again, we don’t know what is going on behind scenes and this include coin base and ripple collaborating. With Brad Garlinghouse calling out coin base, its sort of seems more as they’re building the hype up before they throw xrp on coinbase, its crazy psychology at play right now, but just my thoughts on it.

  18. Austin, Enjoyed the video even though I’m disappointed by the results. Really want to see XRP gain adoption. I’m with Coin Savage. Do you have a way I could get in touch with you directly. My email is Doug@coinsavage.com. Look forward to talking. -Doug

  19. Help me out hereI thought Coinbase was the largest? certainly most widely known. And I just heard about upheldwhich should I check out to buy XRP?

  20. How about TRAVALA? They are launching alpha verion on 18th of july. Travel/book hotels up to 40% cheaper with Travala tokens 👌✌ only 0.13$ per token is a steal!
    Project built on NEO blockchain looks promissing

  21. ForkBase’s share of the market is fast diminishing. Sisällä 12 months ForkBase will be completely insignificant.

  22. Everybody switching to xlm I can’t believe that people still believe in these Bank so many Partnerships and nothing ever happens and now xrp $0.30 LOL

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