Omien osakkeiden aaltoilun ja Coinbase? Bitcoin valas paljastaa seuraavan sukupolven osakekauppa alustan!

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VASTUUVAPAUSLAUSEKE: Tämä ei ole taloudellista neuvontaa! Tämä on viihdettä ja mielipiteisiin perustuva näyttely. En ole taloudellinen neuvonantaja. Ota vain sijoittaa mihin sinulla on varaa menettää, ja sinun kannattaa tehdä oma tutkimus ennen investointeja. Dyor!

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Omien osakkeiden aaltoilun ja Coinbase? Bitcoin valas paljastaa seuraavan sukupolven osakekauppa alustan!

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  1. How could an asset be down 75%-80% if it wasn’t fundamentally broken and that just like silly.
    crypto-assets are, the price movements are logarithmic meaning you get these 10 x advances. You get these 80% collapses interest, it’s just a hyper volatile asset that’s not unique to crypto, you see the same in any kind of hyperbolic speculative asset.
    The fundamental difference between cryptocurrencies and equities is that there is no liquidation value in crypto, this is kind of bad. As Bitcoin falls lower in price, it is less valuable, adding that there would be less liquidity, less useful as a medium of exchange and as a store of value.
    This would also lead to less security and hashpower would be tied to the price. The hash power falls gradually along with the price which would mean it is less secure network and valuable.
    Elongating block times, greater risk of 51% hyökkäys, and potentially a death spiral, exaggerated risk that is very unlikely to cause the death of Bitcoin. Kuitenkin, it could definitely result in 40 minute block times and rise in the transaction fees, which is fundamentally a less valuable network.
    BTC you are in serious troubles. HUGE troubles

  2. While Bitcoin maximalists will point to overlay software such as Lightning, there have been numerous intractable problems with using secondary software to interact with POW networks. Using a secondary network to scale doesn’t solve the problem of using a completely inadequate base-layer technology.

    Mathematical Proof That the Lightning Network Cannot Be a Decentralized Bitcoin Scaling Solution
    Have you heard of the Bitcoin Lightning Network? It is a proposal that claims that:
    “using a network of these micropayment channels, Bitcoin can scale to billions of transactions per day”
    What it doesn’t tell you is that this can only be accomplished by using large, centralized “banking” hubs.

  3. How dare you leave that hand towel hanging on the stove during the video’s beginning. FUD Nation forgives you, FUD Ninja Master.

  4. I couldn’t watch an hour a day, too many other youtubers to follow. As long as the content is valuable, no need to put out videos after videos. I enjoyed todays content, it’s nothing I heard elsewhere.

  5. I’ve watched Simon get interviewed before. Seems a genuine guy. kuitenkin, he needs to invest in a new pair of Earpods though….I’m sure he’ll be able to afford them. That’s Apple for you though. 😉

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