Ostavansa Coinmine Yksi arvoista? TOTUUS [Bitcoin, Ethereum, valuutta, Zcash, Virne]

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This is NOT a sponsored review, but Coinmine did give me their product for free. Let me know your experience with your Coinmine One. And let me know what other products you want me to review! Kippis!



Crypto Miner Company CoinMine Scores $2.5 Million in Seed Round

Crypto Miner Company CoinMine Scores $2.5 Million in Seed Round

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Ostavansa Coinmine Yksi arvoista? TOTUUS [Bitcoin, Ethereum, valuutta, Zcash, Virne]

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  1. I haven’t watched the video yet but I saw ads for this, looked into the spec (I do mine)
    and it looks like the ROI (without paying for electricity) is something between 5-7 vuotta.
    Compared to ASICs who’s ROI is usually less than a year.

  2. aikaleimat: 👍
    0:35 What First Put Coinmine on my Radar
    1:07 Initial Green Flags
    1:48 What’s Different About The Coinmine One? + Unboxing
    2:39 Tech Specs
    3:04 How Profitable Is a Coinmine One?
    5:47 What’s the Catch?
    6:22 Coinmine $2.5 Million Seed Round
    7:03 Final ThoughtsIs It Worth It?
    8:47 My Coinmine

  3. 4000 Satoshi is a day, on 1.46 million Satoshi a year. If there’s 100 million Satoshi in one bitcoin, it will take 68 years to mine one BTC. I’m assuming that since this warranty expires after one year, the equipment will be dust long before it’s gonna pay off. Oh, I forgot, you’re also paying 5% as you mine….BTC

    You’re also paying for the premium cost of the hardware plus electricity. There’s no way that this is profitable. If bitcoin is $10,000, at best this earns $130 a year not including electricity or the cost of the equipment.

  4. I bought one for my grandmother 👵🏻 on good days she loves it, on bad days she’s thrown various items-shoe 👠 cereal box etc. at the device. Thanks for your input!

  5. Fair enough..That’s why I wanted to show you my screenshots and my experience..Just use this video as a jumping off point. You do what’s best for you 👍

  6. Its actually a lot longer than 68 years to mine one BTC.

    As of May next year, the 4000sats/day becomes 2000/day.

    Every four years the rewards are cut in half remember;)

    Cool video though, thanks for the insight, love the channel!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. The hashtate of btc is basically makes you 0.5 usd a day that approximately covers your electricity bill in the us.

  8. By thinking about the 4k sats a day….i run the cryptotab browser and have 2k sats a day and this only with a laptop. And its for free.🤔

  9. Would be wiser to duplicate the ease of use and remake to have it work for all mining hardware and throw the wallet built in to take 5% it is a good step in right direction

  10. @Be Ki Lets say bitcoin is 10k and this thing pumps out 4,000 satoshi’s a day 365 days a year (.0146 BTC) which is only like $150 a year. To pay off the $700 you put down it’d take at least 5 vuotta
    And it varies a bit for the other coins, but still not competitive against other miners.

  11. 5:30
    kanssa 4000 päivässä,
    you would have 1 bitcoin in 25.000 päivää
    (one bitcoin is 100 million Satoshis)
    niin 100.000.000 / 4.000 = 25.000 days = 68 vuotta

    just saying

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