Bitcoin Break Out Is Not What We Expected! Positive Bitcoin Indicator!

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We didn't expect it to happen this way but it did happen. What do you think of my analysis?

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Bitcoin Break Out Is Not What We Expected! Positive Bitcoin Indicator!

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  1. Good morning great video! Keep up the good work your doing . I’d be interested I seeing what you have accumulated . Kiitos

  2. Supply and demand. Did you know that there are more millionaires on the planet than there will ever be bitcoins.

  3. Excellent analysis..
    I think BTC has already broken to the upside and what we currently experiencing is the final shake out before taking off.
    BTC has hit the bottom and it doesn’t look it’s breaking lower the key support line. I’m accumulating too 👍

  4. Just my personal opinion. I am not expecting a bull run 2018, but the future is still looking very bright. In a way, I’m happier knowing this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Things really can be too good to be true sometimes. Those who are disciplined and willing to wait 5-10 years are going to profit the most. I personally use a short and long term strategy on various platforms. I act as if the long term investments don’t exist, while the short term are there in the event of a fomo run like last year (you never know). Anyways, I like your take on what’s happening these days. Keep up the good work, this is quickly becoming my favorite channel on crypto.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that chart. This video went by so fast I need to listen again to get my full dose Of altcoin daily for today. 😎

  6. A very good and enlightening analysis. It’s interesting how technical analysis can represent forces going on in a market. Right now it’s telling us we’re in an equilibrium. And in a market as historically volatile as Bitcoin to suddenly go into this equilibrium is bizarre. Something must be going on. And to do it at the exact same time as some big accounts are accumulating hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin probably is not a coincidence. Anyway I really liked what you presented.

  7. You bring up a good point. There are a lot of crypto youtubers claiming that we are going down because a decending triangle formation breaks downward 70% of the time. So since we are no longer in that formation, they can no longer claim that. What we are left with is higher lows, AND believe it or not, higher highs outside the formation.
    Joo. I would like to hear what you’ve been accumilating. 👍

  8. DeVoN HAZE possible having a mild bull run but the big run might not happen until next year. I still believe BTC will end this year at level higher than today’s level.

  9. Joo, we’re in an accumulation stage. In fact I’ve been accumulating for years. I bought at 500, 1000, 2000, all the way up to 18000, then all the way down to 5800 and most recently I bought at 6300. I just take some of my surplus monthly income and buy bitcoin, dump it into cold storage and go on with my life. I could already retire in some low cost country (actually I could do that just by selling my house and living on the 300k till retirement age) but during this next bull run I should be able to afford to retire here in the states. That’s only true of course since I like to live a frugal lifestyle. If I were a normal person I’d need a lot more than I have.

  10. That pattern is just as speculative as anything else in TA,but generally when things wind up as tight as that they break eventually.

    I’m not prepared to say this is the bottom. If I’m honest I truly believe BTC will eventually settle a little above the price of gold,no more,no less,but that’s just my opinion. Between now and it’s eventual equilibrium price there’s a lot of room for more meteoric rises and falls. Personally i don’t believe 20k is in the cards for a LONG time,if ever, but if you to trade and stay in cash you can make a little money here and there on the next bull run,even if it happens to be a v shaped recovery from 5k all the way back to around 6.3k,or from 3k to 5k.

    I don’t think what happened last year will ever happen again in terms of an insane price range. Että,in my opinion, was the top of the crypto bubble. It had a nice run of insane swings for almost ten years and the truly early adopters got rich. We are definitely headed for adoption but I just do not believe adoption or big wall street money is going to bring that level of volatility we used to see,if anything i think we will see more of a regular stock market style semi stability and perhaps slow gains.

    Altcoins are all penny stocks at this point and most will utterly fail, but there is still money to be made if we pick the right ones or learn to trade.

    My own style is to be cautious. I would love nothing more than for a replay of late 2017 so i can sell near the top and get rich,but I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

    Thanks again for your thoughts and the time you put into this.

  11. +Changling bro I see, I see everywhere everyone talking about a death cross , market analysis , as they saying btc will dump to $3K , I think its not good

  12. +DeVoN HAZE I agree. I honestly don’t think it will drop that low. Even if the ETF gets rejected the market has so much support and buy orders at 6k, 5.8K, and 5k that I think it will bounce just like we have seen all year. My opinion is we have hit bottom and we may trade sideways for a while till we get higher volume and mainstream adoption.

  13. +Lamski as You said I wish and we need to stay above $6K bro, if we going to crash by 50% from here it effects really bad, and if this side trend keeps for sometime until up coming Bakkt and ETF its good to enter and to accumulate , And my biggest hope is Bakkt & ETF will answer positively, if this happened then we can relax and watch the bulls =) lets see whats happening , anyone cant predict the market but if btc going to crash to$3K or 50% its really not good for the whole market

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    and he would never ask for your details.He didnt ask fro mine

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