Tuleminen Bitcoin maksimaalisia: TOTUUS [Kysyy oikeita ihmisiä]

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NOTE** Not All of these Speakers Are Bitcoin Maximalists. But all are Pro-Bitcoin.

Special Thanks to Russell Okung and Bitcoinis_

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Tuleminen Bitcoin maksimaalisia: TOTUUS [Kysyy oikeita ihmisiä]

40 kommentit

  1. Wow I really love your interviewing style Aaron, errr uhhh I mean Auston err uhh no I think I mean Aaron !!😊😊

  2. when ya gonna hit The Down And Out? LoL…. love seeing you guys out and about in my old stomping grounds. Another great video guys!!!

  3. I see a reason someone could get mad because you use content from previous videos but points made in those videos are so good I’m glad you recycled it.

  4. @Altcoin Daily closest to what bitcoin was about; grin was released in a similar way and the community is reminiscent of early bitcoin. Monero is the top privacy coin with recognition, thought not as scalable as grin and uses addresses. Most other coins besides a select few, dont have as much utility in regards to money.

  5. That one quote really does speak volumes: ‘i think if bitcoin fails, they all fail.’ — often times, you see new technologies fall prey to the innovators dilemma, but BTC may be the rare exception to this rule.

  6. Buy best privacy tokenDAPSfrom bitmart exchange in just 3 sat. Mainnet coming after 20 days and it will be over the moon. Hurry upGreat buying.

  7. Clearly when all is said and done, Bitcoin will fall, and an altcoin will rise to be the new Bitcoin. Anyone looking at Bitcoin as a whole can see its glaring and large flaws, especially speed, kustannus, and energy usage. IF a crypto is ever adopted for daily use, it will be an altcoin. Now that may not happen at all, because actual real life use is not what the crypto space is actually about, cryptos could just remain wild speculations for making fiat and gambling, and Bitcoin may even someday become the new gold, but as ELECTRONIC CASH, something else will do this, and the value of Bitcoin cannot increase by huge percentages forever, because of the limits of the physical world.

    Tästä huolimatta, for the next few years, Bitcoin will likely be the speculation of choice, with another small alt season at the end of the next bull, but I don’t think many alts will ever reach their ATH’s, unless they are THE ONE. Another thing to remember is, its really hard to predict which alt might replace Bitcoin. It SHOULD be one of the fast and feeless DAG coins, but it could just as easily be XRP, since there are a bagillion coins out there, and it works fast enough without too much cost. There is no reason to make the best choice, and the thing could come down to who is centralized enough to afford to do the best marketing, even though a decision of this magnitude should really no be left to chance.

  8. hey i know that you have done videos on electroneum but that was like last year in may 2018. Its been more than a year and Alot of developments have been had in ETN not to mention over 3.25 miljoonaa rekisteröityä käyttäjää.

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