🔴 This is Probably the MOST IMPORTANT 2 Weeks for Bitcoin 🔴 [Crypto Uutiset]

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price’s Break Above $4,200 Will Push It To $5K-$6K –Crypto Experts

Probably the most important 2 weeks for #Bitcoin in the last months. Facing the yearly downtrend channel resistance.


Bitcoin’s Highest Hash Rate in 4 Months Supports Growing Optimism

Most Respondents File Negative Comments for SEC's Review of VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETF

Comments on Cboe BZX Rulemaking

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🔴 This is Probably the MOST IMPORTANT 2 Weeks for Bitcoin 🔴 [Crypto Uutiset]

50 kommentit

  1. Are you dropping this early because of how excited I was for this yesterday ? You and your brother are the best 💯

  2. It’s time to come out of this cold crypto winter. We never have enough from our favorite coins but is time to go up! It would be very healthy for the space.

  3. Hei kaverit,,, out of all the YouTubers I watchyou guys are the best. Wake up everyday to hear your content!! All the way from South Georgia 🤟🏼. ETF or notI don’t think it matters. Just my opinion

  4. buying a little, and waiting to see what is going to happen. Am i a bad person forhopingfor another drop..?? need some more time to accumulate.. 🙂

  5. I can find equal bear vs bull articles, and couldn’t care. Either u believe or not. Scale in over time, it’s that simple.

  6. The bulls are warming up. Already seeing alts breaking above the 200day moving average. Also nice to see projects with good developments which means a good choice to hold during the bull run.

  7. Can’t wait 😀 time to retire early and quit my job ! 😎 all of this is for my simple life that is coming. 💰 💰 💰 these are comments of positivity I look for.

  8. +Altcoin Daily have you seen that Andreas Antonopoulos is no longer on the JRE guestlist..?? wondering if they have locked a date on him, and havn’t published it yet, or what is going on..??
    I know Andreas is touring in America at the moment.

  9. Ive shorted the thop of that channel successfully through the bearmarket last time from 6,2k and down, waiting now for next short from that line. No hard target for it but believe that will be the last big short for this cycle..

  10. Decreasing volume suggests a break out to the downsidewe will revisit 3500 or lower.
    I hope I’m wrong, because I hate the cold of winter.

  11. I’m putting $100 into Bitcoin, Tron, and EOS over this weekend, but I’ll be ecstatic if we drop back down to $3,500 for at least another monthly, gonna do my best to rack up on Altcoins and HODL Bitcoin

  12. Decrease in volume only equals higher volatility. According to CMC the volume is very high right now. None of this matters anyway, because BTC does what it wants.

  13. The Federal Reserve is considering that they will stop tapering Quantitative Tightening in the Fall. Perhaps the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket in the fall.

  14. +Altcoin Daily I feel like I’ve heard the checks in the mail so many times now that I’m feeling it’s not possible anytime soon, if at all. So much manipulation.

  15. Yeah the phone, the recent video with Amazon, the increased volume following partnership with Algoz, and the general fundamentals which could/could not contribute to any future success! Kiitos!

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