📣Blockchain Banter 📣BIX WEIR chats Bitcoin to $100K , EOS , litecoin , Crypto predictions & lisää!

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This week New Kids On The Blockchain chats to the very knowledgable Bix Weir from 'Road To Roota' noin:
✔️EOS and his debate with Jeff Berwick
✔️Litecoin predictions
✔️Bitcoin manipulation
✔️Price predictions for the year end
✔️ A whole lot more!

➡️➡️Find him here: http://www.roadtoroota.com/

🎵🎶Music by http://www.bensound.com

NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.

📣Blockchain Banter 📣BIX WEIR chats Bitcoin to $100K , EOS , litecoin , Crypto predictions & lisää!

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  1. Rutroh! That didn’t take long. LTC now below $70. Are you two now skeeerd Bix Weird will pass the blame for the Crypto Apocalypse on you? Kinda like youjinxedhim? BTW, how did you get to be so clueless? 🙂 Again, watch that Jsnip4 indicator. I’d rate a move in the index to 10 or less as a strong buy simply because I figger I can name who the last 10 paying subs at Patreon will be. Index may hold in higher than that though. I’m sure there will be at least 10 paying customers who show up just to laugh at the clownbeing that Jsnip4 will eliminate himself from Utube before shitcoins (including BTC) become a buy.

  2. I have no time for Mr Bix. never liked him.
    I’m not worried, I’m in since 2011.
    I not like Tone Vays much but I love his sexy sidekick.
    Take as much time off as you like, I’m sure you’ll be missed.

  3. I’m starting to believe all of these crypto guys are shillsevery coin they shilled last year is now 90% alas.

  4. It’s so delightful that you have invited professor Bix weird on you’re channel
    He is the head instructor at the kindergarten level road to roota comic coloring book of economics courses.

  5. I am so interested to see why bitcoin has dropped to $6,,300 today on August 7, 2018 from its $19,666 on December 17, 2017?
    That is quite a significant drop of $13, 366 tai yli 67% in a little less then an 8 month time period?

  6. Glad you are enjoying the festivities so far. HODL tight! But keep your handsteady.Right now the rest of the world onlythinksthe cryptoid nation is jerking off. Don’t prove them right.

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