Bitcoin Heavily Undervalued | Facebook Coin TAKES BEATING | Bitcoin Bulls Emerge from Congress

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Bitcoin Heavily Undervalued | Facebook Coin TAKES BEATING | Bitcoin Bulls Emerge from Congress

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  1. Would be fun if they didnt get aproved and in the end they use the Bitcoin or Litecoin network. Moonsuits for everybody.

  2. Good morning from LA! I just moved here a few weeks ago. And yoga is great man. One of the aspects I enjoy is that you can practice it anywhere or anytime, which is especially convenient when traveling.

    Congress discussing the virtues of bitcoin is surely a significant milestone. It’s going to be a wild ride, but I’m even more bullish on bitcoin now!

    I guess you could say I’m bullish on yoga and bitcoin. 😆

  3. Bai! It was a good hearing. Didn’t hear them mention the effects of the mining reward halvings though.

    Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track..🎢..🌤

  4. Terrific content, you saved me some time. I normally research a minimum of 4 resources daily to make sure I don’t miss important topics that impact price of BTC, eskerrik asko. Taught several Dancesport classes last night.

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