$120,000 EOS Bug Bounty, Samsung Blockchain, Moneta + Ledger, Waltonchain, ICON, ontologia, Bitcoin

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$120,000 EOS Bug Bounty, Samsung Blockchain, Moneta + Ledger, Waltonchain, ICON, ontologia, Bitcoin

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  1. As I wrote just now in a reply to yesterday’s video, I find the fact that the Bitcoin chart is rather stable but with a good foundational support, is a very reassuring sign. It tells me that I can buy My-Favourite-Crypto TM (anything on NEO) at or around these prices and things will probably go generally well from here. Bai, the hype has died down and Joe Public may never get as excited againbut we all know, that’s OK, there are plenty of other investors

  2. Finally an opened ICO Telegram is accessible! Now you have a possibility to change your old Toyota on Lamborghini) Personally I bought 1000 tokens on x-crypto.info/telegram-coin

  3. Great content, this channel and others like it do SOOOOOOO MUCH for the crypto world. Thanks for all your work guys!

  4. The visit to the great hall happened a few days ago, WTC is gonna announce their walton blockchain research education center in Korea friday backed by ministry of science and tech….they kinda did a classic announcement of announcement but community dug up the news.

  5. Quite interesting video. Love your style of work and you make it really easy for us to understand things.I’ve learned a lot watching your videos. I would definitely love to hear your opinion on TASH token also. It’s made for crypto travelers, definitely worth checking. I’ve found it on bitcointalk forum, and it seems promising. Looking forward to it.

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