$120 Million Fake EOS Pump? Saturday Bull Run? LISK Critical Error? Tron Mainnet, Huobi ETF

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$120 Million Fake EOS Pump? Saturday Bull Run? LISK Critical Error? Tron Mainnet, Huobi ETF

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Sara Bauer eta Richard Abermann sortua

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  1. Lol you all know it’s a penis pump on eos. Hey man ride the wave. I dont believe eos tech Cause of the many flaws on it. I had my investment on it and made money. But ride that wave

  2. Thank you for always bringing us the news without too much bias. Other channels doesn’t want to acknowledge this information and what it potentially means about EOS. I feel a lot of channels are on either side of an extreme, hyped or extremely negative. Refreshing to see the middle ground, well done 🙂

  3. I sold all my Tron last bull run when i realized Justin Sun was a hype man and nothing more. Can’t stand his hype tweets with no real updates.

  4. Unfair that some fraud and pump and dump youtubers have 15 times more subscribers than you. Keep up the excellent quality work bro !

  5. Kik founder after receiving a squeeze over 100m dollars is suddenly convinced that blockchain isn’t convincing.

    Wow.. money can make the difference..

    If he’s so unconvinced that it’ll make a difference.. then why not hand it back over.

  6. There is no way besides Coin supply that Tron should be .06 and EOS 15 dollars that’s a bit ridiculous considering they are doing the same thing. Most of Justin tweets are hype yes but there is truth behind most of them. I just wish he would wait a bit vs tweeting on everything everyday.. it’s like the boy who cried wolf, investors are just not as excited anymore. But things will change by EOY IMO

  7. LOL. Really? He moved that money to Elastos. He can buy more pizza trons with it in 3 urte.

  8. Just found you and i must say you are good sir !
    Can you please make a review of Travala ( formerly known as Concierge ) before we exit Switcheo and start trading on our second exchange ?
    I mean summer is coming and the project is all about travel.
    Don’t want your viewers to miss out on that gem ^^

  9. to put things into perspective with Tron you cannot have any real users and any dapps on the main net until the token swap, so lets be realistic in our expectations 🙂 Their team, tech and business drive is unmatched and the dapps and users will come after the token swap and SR elections.

  10. i dont think justin sun has plans to fail so publicly with so many people focused on him, tron is still a baby and has made a fair bit of progress in a short time. will be interesting to see where it gets in 5 years imo

  11. Another video handia! I don’t know what to think about EOS, that’s a big amount of ethereum..Bull run? Hmmm I want it but I think it’s not the time for it, oraindik. I would definitely love to hear your thoughts on Smart Trip Platform, definitely one of the brightest tokens right now. Worth checking. Looking forward to see your thoughts on it.

  12. Love you!! Yup, tron is frustrating but relatively speaking, it’s been an amazing investment still. Will be hodling for next 5 urte. Patience like a jedi.

  13. Hey man great job you always do an amazing job I love the attitude the positive energy but one thing for sure I love how you mention the key this project makes so much sense to me but maybe it’s only me that thing is going to be huge in the future identification is not a option it is a must to legalize all the smart contract thank you for always delivering an amazing material

  14. FUD TV
    Hi Elio what is the chance Tky make to Binance ?
    also what the chance that Binance use as login identification to log into your account that would be huge and no more hacks….

    Security is the key to protect you and your investments.

  15. Gary Stinten 😂 not to dissapoint but this project is not a good investment, has huge holes in it. Secondly its a webbased, prone to hacks. 10 years it’ll, it’ll die in 2 urte.

    If you’re looking for a truly undervalued tech, that’s delivering daily updates and has an imcredible community with massive partners. Look into Elastos. It’ll blow tron to bits, I’ll let you figure out why.

  16. Vanguardas Vucava I’m invested in all these. Done alot of research and I’m pretty sure these will all be multi billionaire dollar projects

  17. the PR strategy is my main complaint, lack of clarity on releases. Hyping things up before they’re ready, causing people to become more sour and disappointed when he could have easily just said the real launch was in June and the beta release was in may. I love Tron and will continue to support, but i will always speak my mind, it’s why my followers keep following and trust that i’m being real with them.

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