1 Urtea… Sometime Within The Next Year Bitcoin Will Break 20k. After That🚀

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Obviously nobody knows the future. Hala, These Two CNBC Clips Will Make You Bullish So Damn Bullish.

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SoFi adds crypto trading to platform

SoFi adds crypto trading to platform

People will choose a currency that the government can't control: Bitcoin pro

1994: "Today Show": "What is the Internet, Dena?"

Bitcoin stock to flow model live chart

Google Trends shows Bitcoin interest surging in Africa

Google Trends shows Bitcoin interest surging in Africa

President Lukashenko of Belarus talking about using nuclear power to mine #bitcoin.

This is pretty savage advertising from @cryptocom

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***finantza, LEGE, OR zerga aholkularitza! Just iritzia! Ez naiz aditua! EZ dut bermatu JAKIN emaitza barruan ezagutza ez daukat! Zeure ikerketa egin eta zeure Erabaki egin behar duzu! THIS IS JUST EDUCATION & ENTERTAINMENT! USO ALTCOIN DIARIO hasita off puntu gisa!

Informazio hori zer publikoki aurkitu zen interneten. Informazio hori ditudan doctored edo interneten bidez misrepresented zitekeen. Informazio guztia sentsibilizazio ekarri eta domeinu publikoa da. Informazio hau ez dago slander kalte xedea edo baina parte hartzen duten eragile edozein iraindu zer beren media social kontuen bidez esan zuten erakusteko. Mesedez, informazio hau hartu eta zure ikerketa egin.

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1 Urtea… Sometime Within The Next Year Bitcoin Will Break 20k. After That🚀

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  1. Somebody has to pay for billboard advertisingsign permits, making and putting up the sign, renting the space, maintenance, etab. I wonder who would spend their own money to do that? Satoshi Nakamoto?

  2. I get it. My bad. The must have lots of money to be doing that! In Japan, a company call DMM Bitcoin has billboards in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, gehiegi. Let’s hope Bitcoin not only becomes a household name but also something that people will actually use such as Scotch Tape and Kleenex.

  3. How she feels about bitcoin is how 99% of retail investors feel about bitcoin. I asked 100 people about bitcoin and almost all said negative things:

    “It’s a Ponzi
    Fake money
    Too early to adopt
    No use as money
    It has not backing gov or gold
    Or it’s a joke
    Greater fool. Tulip.
    It’s like AOL or Pets.com
    Why can’t I use it to buy things if it’s a currency

    Not saying these are true but they all feel that. None of them seem to understand it

  4. Why would hold bitcoin if the us dollar is digital?” 😂😂😂 because it’s just another centralized shitcoin

  5. I hope too.
    If that happens, it will help the market become more active. I know a good project and would recommend you to Tokoin. Because I think this project is worth investing more than bitcoin at the moment. Informazio gehiago: tokoin.io

  6. We do not need a country-tied currency if BTC becomes the worldwide currency! Banks, IRS, and exchanges will become irrelevant! Knock out the middle man and free yourself!

  7. true i dont understand why so many people still dont get it. ill show them the charts, the correlation with stock to flow. what properties makes bitcoin special, whats happening with fiat printing and inflation, and still,… they dont get it

  8. Its fairly simple the us dollar , now off the gold stndard is no longer any value , and when TRUMP gets impeached the us dollar will get crushed and most countries offer negative yielding fiat currency , if you are not getting at least the cost of inflation you can hold all the us dollars poossible someone wealthy with 500k in 1970 , is barely out of middle class now with no money up and out . SIMPLE NETWORK EFFECT >

  9. oh come onim not moved by the fact Nigerians are searching bitcoin, their motivations are not the same as for you and ithey are doing it for the same reason John Dillinger gave when he was asked why he robbed banks: BECAUSE THATS WHERE THE MONEY IS!

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