CryptoCandor and Crypto Lark chat top 10 & mezinárodní organizace pro !

Nejlepší kryptografických curencies kancelář == ► Začněte zde

Alex from Cryptocandor and I talk about the top ten cryptocurrencies, mezinárodní organizace pro, and other promising projects !
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Also the channel she mentions

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dementi: Vše, co zde vyjádřeno je můj názor, a ne oficiální investiční poradenství – prosím, udělat si vlastní průzkum, než riskovat své vlastní peníze!

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CryptoCandor and Crypto Lark chat top 10 & mezinárodní organizace pro !

41 komentáře

  1. Awesome stuff! Dragonchain and Icon will definitely do well this year. Taky, update on Canadian bank credit cards .. seems like Scotiabank now has banned buying crypto with their credit cards.

  2. CryptoCandor you do so many ‘paidinterviews and reviews for ICOs and here you are sayingoh I don’t really know about ICOs, and I don’t look them at all” … tsk tsk….

  3. Pravda, pravda. I honestly don’t know how to gauge that position. It’s like damned if you do damned if you don’t. Love your YouTube channel Lark. Keep it up!

  4. tsk tsk? I do my very best to only talk about what I’m knowledgeable on and I can’t know everything. I research the topics/ICOs I have on my channel. And for the record I’ve done three paid interviews only two of which are ICOs, maybe do your research.

  5. This was a good little chat, I really enjoyed itEven though I should have been asleep by now haha. Worth it though. I’ll definitely check her channel out tomorrow Arvo after work.

    I just recently focused my portfolio to 95% Cardano after being spread thin on a few different projects that I didn’t believe in as much. Should be a good 10 years plus for Cardano, but would absolutely love for a small dip in price just so I could get a bit more 🤣

  6. Love this girl:) Does not hold Ripple and holds Stellar just like me:P Thanks for having her on your show:) Subbed to her channel

  7. If you take the time to go to her channel you will discover she is a top notch analyst when she does her research on any particular coin. My guess is you will discover she knows a hell of a lot more than a hell of lot of otherresearchersin this space. She doesn’thavean opinion until she takes the time to actually have an opinion! For those of us who don’t have that much time, that is exactly what we all needan honest opinion, based on honest research and no opinion without research.

  8. Bez obav, you’re entitled to your opinion. I work a full time job outside of crypto, my channel started as a hobby that took on a life of it’s own. it’s nearly impossible to manage my channel, do research, střílet, Upravit, pošta, and communicate with my viewers while also staying up to date on the happenings of each and every coin, ICO, or change in gov’t policy. Znovu, I’d rather be honest about the fact I’m not aware of the most recent information than pretend to know something. I have no issue admitting when I’m not well versed on a topic.

  9. Don’t let people like this deter you CryptoCandor, I have complete respect for your abilities and insights in crypto.

  10. CryptoCandor let’s face itIts not just the portrayal of complete ignorance about a single ico. You do look stunning, but have an average understanding of crypto.. You did get lucky getting some Eth back in the day. But if it was any ‘guyin your seat, making some of the comments you made in this interview, you’ll be getting a a lot of slack for it in here and from other comments. Still kudos to what you do. Can’t blame you for how the bias works.

  11. love both of you…..just really great humble content from two people who’s voices are needed in this spaceplease consider doing this collab on a regular basis

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