Cryptosoft: Fraud or serious bot?


What is the CryptoSoft Robot?

The CryptoSoft Bot is a software that automates the trading of crypto currencies and should generate the maximum profit with the help of modern algorithms. Many well-known currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum can be purchased at CryptoSoft according to experience and win-rate promise. Oskar Weber, who represents the CryptoSoft Bot, promises its customers a high success rate as well as state-of-the-art technologies designed to make the most of the facilities.

According to the platform developers themselves, the CryptoSoft robot was launched by a group of experienced bankers and software developers from Wall Street. The CryptoSoft Bot does not buy the currencies, but merely speculates, so that the risk for users who have little or no experience with crypto currencies and other trading programs can generate profits with little investment.

The advantage of such a trading program is in particular that a comprehensive and in-depth analysis is possible. The database, which is available to the robot, exceeds human capacity and can not be rudimentary manually analyzed even at a tremendous amount of time. In addition, the data is retrieved in real time by the CryptoSoft software and compared with the data from the historical archives.

How does CryptoSoft work?

Trading programs, and especially CryptoSoft, are beginner-friendly, automating the most complex trading processes – waiting, speculation and observation. Every second, various crypto currencies are checked for their economic situation and the resources are adequately organized according to the situation. According to Oskar Weber, 15 minutes a day are enough to generate solid capital using the CryptoSoft robot.

In relation to the win rate, the effort is minimal: it is only necessary to turn on the computer and download the software. The software takes over the other time-consuming and complex processes.

Are there any risks when dealing with CryptoSoft?

There are always risks. As soon as one begins to speculate in the stock market, one goes into a huge pool full of risks and uncertainties. Currencies are not stuck to a specific value. The same applies to cryptocurrencies: if they lose value, you too lose your invested capital.

There are also numerous negative CryptoSoft reviews and many CryptoSoft reviews preach that this software is a clear scam. As the cryptocurrency market is currently booming and attracting general attention, many scam and scam programs are circulating. However, there are also many rumors that cryptocurrencies are in themselves a big scam. So one should not be surprised, though trading programs like CryptoSoft receive negative reviews.

First and foremost, find out if the sources are trustworthy or come from traders who did not understand the principle or made losses. Because there are other bots that actually work, but have a bad image because of the general criticism. After all, cryptocurrencies are in a gray area that is not always played by rules. So be careful and act responsibly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the CryptoSoft Robot


✓ Easy to use and suitable for beginners

✓ Requires no profound knowledge

✓ Has an accuracy of over 80%

✓ Offers different crypto currencies


✗ Information sources are not reliable

✗ Many negative reviews and reviews

✗ The home page is hard to find and confusing

Is it worthwhile to invest in CryptoSoft?

As mentioned earlier, the CryptoSoft Bot relieves its customers and offers the opportunity to generate profits with little knowledge in the crypto market. CryptoSoft promises reliable and state-of-the-art software that is constantly updated and achieves a win rate of over 80%.

The processes as well as the registration are simple and clear, the operation is not complex and can easily be done alongside. Thus, the handling of CryptoSoft can be practically combined with everyday life and does not require any explicit effort in the leisure time.

Apart from that, investing in the CryptoSoft Bot can minimize, if not eliminate, the risk of loss. Especially in Germany, much emphasis is placed on safe and reliable investments, so that a trading bot is a good alternative to spontaneous self-attempts.

How is the CryptoSoft Bot different from regular trading?

Anyone who has ever dealt with finance, investments and investments will know how time-consuming and nerve-wracking this process can be. One has to work through data, be familiar with numerous areas, stay on the ball and develop a feel for the market. It is not easy to start on a side income side of the regular work because not everyone can spend so much time learning the trading basics.

At this point, the software providers such as CryptoSoft counter to the dealers: they take the work off and promise a higher success rate with less time. In addition, premature and objectively unwise decisions are – at least minimized – at least minimized. In this way, you can become familiar with the market without having to acquire any basic knowledge of economics or cryptocurrencies.


For anyone new to the cryptocurrency market, CryptoSoft sounds like a handy way to get into the matter with little effort and make a profit at a high win rate. Basically, trading programs are actually helpful and achieve good results. Although many CryptoSoft reviews and experiences are extremely negative, but who still wants to try his luck, should not be deterred: numerous reviews come from unknown and not necessarily well-known sources, so they do not necessarily have to be true.

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CryptoSoft users and their experience

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