Julian Assange Satoshi Connection & Wikileaks Bitcoin & Crypto Pioneer

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Julian Assange facing extradition to the US. In this video I unpack the charges against him, the Satoshi connection, Wikileaks as a crypto pioneer, ug labaw pa.
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Julian Assange Satoshi Connection & Wikileaks Bitcoin & Crypto Pioneer


  1. Telling the truth now comes with a penalty, Mr Assange is about to get a portion of injustice. It’s a sad moment for all of us Lark.

  2. siloy, how about them IMF funds to Ecuador? It’d be funny, if it weren’t for the blatant terroristic actions of the IMF and Christine Lagarde.

  3. Great video Lark, glad you are addressing the Assange situation. We need as many people as possible speaking out about this. Scary time for journalism and free speech. The US wants to set an example.

  4. Shame on you Ecuadorian gov and the UK too. Thanks Lark for exposing the truth and standing for what is right. Assange and Snowden are true heroes. We are ALL Satoshi. Satoshi is a movement, not just a name!

  5. I don’t know about Assange being Satoshi but I’d bet WikiLeaks knows a thing or two about his true identity

  6. Bitcoin is inherently anti-establishment. I’m glad you don’t pretend that it’s nonpolitical.

  7. If I had 1000 bitcoins, I would donate it to Julian Assange . If I were Superman , I would protect Julian Assange with my life.

  8. If Julian Assange is Satoshi Nakamoto he is two heroes in one.
    The video is great.

  9. We can’t let the US get their hands on Julianhe’ll never leave that country alive! The US, UK and Australian governments are corrupt. When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, your’re ruled by criminals! Truth is now considered treason.

  10. I heard Hillary Clinton was like “can’t we just drone this guy?” at that meeting and everyone there nervously laughed until they realized she wasn’t joking. Clinton body count is high.

  11. Bitcoin is actually anti nothing which is exactly how it should be. If it favoured any one group or refused another it wouldn’t be frictionless. Bitcoin has no referees

  12. +Brandy Wasay yes and that’s exactly what I told the foreign minister’s office!

  13. Mr lark I am impressed that you are willing to stand up and be counted. Regardless of the impact it could have you. Amazing and therefore I to will stand up with you. Like Spartacus I AM JULIAN ASSANGE.

  14. I’m sure they were threatened with sanctions and you know what happens to countries sanctioned by Murican gov

  15. Ang Crypto Lark, you have earned my respect as a crypto youtuber by expressing your moral sense/conscience. A awesome video. Thank You.

  16. Telling the truth about the heartless atrocities of useless wars will make a lot less people want to go to war—their #1 money-making & control tactic—and they can’t have that.

  17. +The Crypto Lark He isn’t Satoshi. The last time Satoshi posted on a public forum it was about Wikileaks hitting the hornets nest and now they are coming. Satoshi did not appreciated what Wikileaks did to bitcoin and wanted it to grow more under the radar.

  18. EXCEPTyou need both internet AND electricity for it to be used SO…….unless ‘the peoplecreate their own and get rid of the already established monopolies……
    It’s controlled by…..the establishment.

  19. +this guy right here Solar energy and no you don’t need the internet. Regardless I don’t think the world will go back to the dark ages to prevent bitcoin existing

  20. +Patrick Stevens The fact that you believe you are in control of these things staggers the mind.

  21. +this guy right here u r mistaken but it’s incredibly improbable that the entire world will stop using electricity and the internet. America would be vexxed if they didn’t have access to there iPhones

  22. Allen !!!you forgot the biggest shame is on America if they didn’t want him in the first place the UK would not have had to get involved and this all started because Americans committedwar crimes “.

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