“We Are Set Up For A MASSIVE Bull Market For The Rest Of The Year”Hyperwave Just Turned Bullish!

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Mr. Hyperwave Just Turned Bullish! Should I Buy Bitcoin? Check this out!

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Trading Bitcoin – $10k Busted w/ Willy Woo, Tyler Jenks & Jimmy Song

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“We Are Set Up For A MASSIVE Bull Market For The Rest Of The Year”Hyperwave Just Turned Bullish!

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  1. btc below $1000…..BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My default position is he was trying to manipulate the market. But btc made a fool of him and forced him to change his position.

  2. The most bullish sign is when Doug Polk starts making videos again 😂🤣😂🤣👍🏻

  3. Why would bitcoin go down to $1000? When near the start of next year is the block reward halving?

  4. tono Vays? Look, BTC is not static, it is ever changing, developing and scaling. You can not use traditional T.A. to gauge this new technology

  5. After his poor prediction previously, I wouldn’t listen to a single word he has to say. BTC $1000 lol.

  6. Nobody knows the futurewe are all just trying to figure out what is probable

  7. I love you guys but cringe to hear those two masters of FUD. Hyperwave and Tone are garbage

  8. This bull marketIS FOR REAL!!!!!!!” great video and one of my favorite channels on all of YouTube! Folks if you all have not subscribed to Altcoin Daily then please do so and lets make this money together there’s lots to go around!

  9. When Jsnip4 sold all his Litecoin at $22 I should have bought up as much as I could. I sold my Litecoin at $200 but I did not start buying back until it reached $88. I have been buying Bitcoin and trading for Alt coins during the bear market but now I am 90% sa Bitcoin.

  10. Tone’s content has always been high quality. Also this is one of the most optimistic guys on bitcoin. To a fault even! Tone deserves no hate.

  11. @Lynx Star Automotiveall other alts will fail except bitcoin.” -tono Vays
    Bitcoin is still going to 1,000.” -tono Vays

  12. Tone still works for the Bankers.
    Acts as if he is a Bitcoin Bull but always says it needs to go down first, never really a Bull.

  13. @Someone Better No one is 100% but he was 0% and strongly and confidently advising BTC $1000 over and over then he buys
    (so he said) sa $6000 and announces it at over $8000? No excuse and not a good guy move.

  14. @Lynx Star Automotive Tone is the biggest bear in crypto. He still says we’re going below $3,000. I’ve switched off from him.

  15. @Altcoin Daily There is video where he says things like he bought BTC at 4,000 and sold at 7,000. But during that time when BTC was at 4G, he never mention his buy. In his videos he says to sell at 6,300 and at 7G. Then at 9400. Then he says he doesn’t have time to trade. I could go on

  16. I am proud of myself I never listen to these clowns I am laughing I saved a lot of my time and spent that time with my family

  17. Imagine all those people waiting for $1,000 and I’m sure that they probably wound up buying in probably not until the 8000 level at least.

  18. If he’s anything like my wife he will deflect and say that you should have done your own research and I’ll listen to me 🙄

  19. @Altcoin Daily that may be so but he was trying to establish himself as a foremost expert by sticking his neck out and giving such a bold prediction. Many other YouTubers will respect the market and the Unknown and talk about the probabilities of what can and cannot happen. And that’s why these people are not pointed to as some expert who has called something major. You say he’s been right before but what about? And how many times has he been right vs wrong?

  20. This Tyler guy doesnt look like he has much moneyprobably not a great idea to take any advice from him….

  21. @Dr. Ho Lee Phuk yeah … sa dalan, where is he and when did he disappear. The bear market was reslly good time to see who’s really in on cryptos and blockchain and who the shills are.

  22. @Leszek Pilniok He’s still around. He has a news and travel channel. Heard him on Altcoin Buzz a few weeks ago.

  23. @Mike Smith I never said anything of the sort. Put money in that you have for investing. Money for bills and life etc is not for investing. Go hard with the money you have set aside for investing. You can always hedge with some gold and silver. 5% -%10 is too low in my opinion. Its just an opinion. People will make their own calls on what they should do. I am personally 50% bitcin 30% silver and 20% bulawan. S & P i find it too scary. Thats just me though.

  24. @Dave Jones NPC #7388299 Agree with you Dave. I mortgaged my home to crash into btc, — anyway I could.

  25. @Mike Smith I agree with you that you shouldn’t be investing money that you don’t have.

  26. @Ryan Llewellyn I wonder how many people bought into SamIam’s overnight $50 prediction and spent their mortgage or other money? Was around Christmas time, usab. I’m pretty sure someone out there spent the money they were going to get their kids presents. People who have essentially no chance of pulling themselves out of whatever hole they are in are the most vulnerable. Sad.

  27. @Dr. Ho Lee Phuk … i guess this is one of the advantages of a bear marketit also exposes and cleans out the players that you only hear off an see during the bullish phasesbut in my opinion it should be like in a marriagetogether through good AND! bad timesnot only when prices go to the moon.

  28. yeah, he probably has a hardware wallet full of bitcoin toothat’s how guys like him roll

  29. The first thing in life you ever listen to. “Is your own intuition and gut feeling. ” My gut told me go for it. This is it. Been around 10 years .I hate my job changing my life and my little voice in my head and body told me lets do it !! I’m so happy right now . 😀😀😀😭

  30. sh0cktim3 Mining difficulty adjusts, there’s no such thing as too unprofitable for the miners. Andreas corrected this mentality when people said we can’t go below 6K.

  31. catdadd doggmummy The block reward halvening is priced in. If price rises it won’t be because of the halvening, and if it does, it’s just a classic buy the rumor sell the news event for whales to dump on noobs.

  32. @douglas prostockElliott Wavers are, usually, confused idiots. Like this “Mr. Hyperwaveguy.

  33. Anon YMouse thanks for stating the obvious genius, idk what we’d do without you.

  34. Not sure why expert is in quotes. Id say 45 years and managing billions qualifies as an expert. Nobody is 100% accurate especially w a unique thing like bitcoin

  35. 😂😂😂…no one knows shedthe only thing i know is we going to mars and then out of the solar system😂😂🙊

  36. Anon YMouse my understanding is that difficulty only reduces if significant numbers of miners stop mining, and it therefore takes too long to validate blocks. I guess my point was that the majority of miners may as well push through and keep some of the coins.

  37. You are 100% tuo. I think a lot of YouTubers think they have a bigger influence then what they actually have.

  38. So many haters. Charts look like a $20k bitcoin is very possible in a few months. That’s not irrational is just following the present trend.

  39. @JoshuaJameson u were wrong because we went below 10k then back above it to around 12k then back to 3k newbie noob head 😅🤣😂😂😂

  40. @Farmer Jimmy I wasn’t paying attention for that part so it doesn’t count. I started paying attention again after Faketoshi SV got us all some discounted Bitcoins. I stand corrected

  41. yeah, this Jenks guy, by your own admission, has been summarily WRONG for the past who knows how long. And then you said you thoughtTone Vays channel is GREAT” … uh…. :/

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