Bitcoin will NEVER reach $20K Highs?” 😱 – Bloomberg | OR BTC ➡️$333K?

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"Bitcoin will NEVER reach $20K Highs?" 😱 – Bloomberg | OR BTC ➡️$333K?


  1. Hey Mr. Trades. Good to see your face. How’s the new pooch adjusting to the crypto lifestyle? 🌞

  2. His FUD and that of Tone Vays really hurt some people who were stupid enough to listen to his nonsense. I was telling people to dollar cost in at the $3500 level and they were duped into believing it would go down. They still haven’t bought in.

  3. Not sure how BTC could stabilize this year when global adoption is like 1%. Does Mike not get that? BTC will only stabilize when it’s the global reserve currency

  4. He talks as if the volatility will always be there, it will not. His thinking is too technical for me to believe he can see the future.

  5. Like the weather man, talking a lot but have no clue how the weather really will be….

  6. Glad to see you weren’t a push over with your interviewee. IMO, he isn’t anywhere close to understanding the impact BTC will have on the world. He just doesn’t get it. Good olMike is setting himself up for more shocks in the BTC price action. I can’t wait to see his face when BTC one day hits six digits.

  7. me too i agree
    dca is the way to go even if u cant buy 1 btc try to buy 1/4,1/2 btc if one canthe rewards will b life changing!

  8. Drag your feet and you are going to miss this. I bet this guy shunned Amazon @ $2.00

  9. I like this guy from Bloomberg. He admits to being wrong and he will be admitting to it again. The halvening is right around the corner. Limited supply ..just a matter of time for 100k. 2021

  10. Another clueless punk from Bloomberg. This shows you how much those old geysers are set in their old stock exchange and unfamiliar with digital assets.

  11. I notice with these older guysall the old school economic knowledge they have is causing them to miss how disruptive this space will be.

    You can’t put bitcoin in a traditional box.

  12. Mr. Mc will learn. He does not understand BTC as a technology yet. Nice guy though. Mr. FUD is much more informed.

  13. The dollar is not even stable, it trades on forex and fluctuates! these old guys just cant wrap their heads around in!

  14. No it’s not. It’s only their opinion and I appreciate listen to bears and bulls but I still have an own opinion. It’s always the peoples faults. As you mention it by yourselfwho were stupidity enough”. If they believed him and waited to buy in they’ll learn their lessons now and this won’t happen again (if they’re smart)

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