10 Million Bitcoin by 2023? Crash Course History Makes It Seem Possible! [Cryptocurrency Balita]

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Hey Altcoin Adlaw-adlaw Team,

A new articles has come out where they report on a study that predicts Bitcoin's price at 10 Million by 2023? What do you think? I think that it seems a lot more possible after looking at bitcoin's history.

History of Bitcoin Article:

10 Million by 2023 Article:

Bitcoin Trend Chart Predicts 2020 Block Halving Could Be Massive For Price

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***DILI pinansyal nga tambag. Do your own research. Himoa ang inyong kaugalingong mga desisyon. These predictions are based on no inside knowledge. This is all speculation.

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10 Million Bitcoin by 2023? Crash Course History Makes It Seem Possible! [Cryptocurrency Balita]


  1. I can’t say I believe it will be that high, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

  2. I love the fact that majority of comments don`t believe in it reaching highs like that maybe not that soon but i believe it will definitely reach millions at some point after mass adoption. I mean if the dollar is measured to the gold witch is a decentralized instrument and you pay close attention to the 70`s between 1971 ug 1974 you will notice the value of gold mooned and the reason for that was Richard Nixon toke the dollar of the gold standard (decoupled the dollar from gold) that caused the value to shoot up. The same will happen with Bitcoin, in my opinion the stock market can hurry up and crash so we can see the next astronomical bull run coming.

  3. IMHO it’s possible. but inflation will have big role in that price. today price of BTC in venezuelan bolivar is 912 mil, same could happen in 2022 in USD 🙂

  4. Honest question, wouldn’t it make more sense to take profits from alt coins and not put them in bitcoin as it’s price has risen significantly? To wait until the next market correction and then transfer them to bitcoin (say it goes under 10k again).

  5. If it happens, there will be a Bitcoin logo on everything I own including my cars and house driveway. sa pagkatinuod, I don’t have any tattoos but I’ll even consider a Bitcoin tattoo if that ever happens. 🤪

  6. today FIAT currencies aren’t more safe than cryptocurrencies or any other currency or asset. venezuela and turkey are examples.

  7. yeah…that’s why I wanted to go over a crash course historyto put things in a little perspective.

  8. Ethereum is the only rally that wil be closer to btc I’m gonna say the least 1 million for 1 ether after casper

  9. I literally watch your video every dayalso subscribed on Twitter, new to Crypto currency. Thank you for all your research! It would be very nice to see BTC hit 10 Mil. There is no reason why it shouldn’t or can’t!

  10. The blackmarket price of the bolivar was 3 million/1usd, so it’s actually around 19.5 billion bolivar per bitcoin, (6500*3000000)

  11. Prince Kid : “The halving”. Bitcoin goes up tp 14X each time the rate of Bitcoin mining halves. presuming we only crawl back to 10 K bu mid-2020 and presuming we only go 10X that still puts us at around 100K.

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