1 Of These 3 Events Will Trigger The Next Bull Run! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of CapitalInto Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

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Bitcoin Over the Counter Trades (OTC): How the Whales Purchase Cryptocurrency

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1 Of These 3 Events Will Trigger The Next Bull Run! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. I just hope that the market matures enough in the next 5 per 10 years so that I can retire early with my Current holdings in crypto

  2. Great point on OTC. Makes me want to get Dollar Vigilante to stop telling people to sell [some] of their BTC for precious metals. We need those old timer whales holding onto their BTC. They are the ones most likely to sell OTC. No! Let that supply dry up, please!

  3. Monero and Cardano still didn’t hit the bottom. When they do this will be the sign of a new bull run.

  4. Don’t need to worry about pumps n dumps if you get into a solid platform before it’s mainstream.. Check out the forks from
    moneda, Masari(MSR) and Ryo Currency(RYO). Both implementing bulletproofs doing some upstream/downstream from XMR. Both super low market caps and a bright future.

  5. November and December will be the best month to invest in the remaining part of 2018 because there’s a great bonus going on since it’s a bonus season

  6. Content begins at 3:46 -1. ETF approval, VanEck, 2. 5:58, Bakkt, fidelitat, 3. 7:55, Wall St involved with cryptocurrencies, OTC orders.

  7. Great video as usual. I think when the supply for the OTC market dry up, you would see Wall Street people sell bitcoin to crash the price further to buy from the panic selling public. Price will rebounce fast after that though. We might see price crash down further before the next official bull run.

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