ICA BankenScamming People (& Me)!! | Will Bitcoin Break This Sideways Action?

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Bitcoin Tehnička analiza & Crypto News Today: ICA Banken has denied me a transaction, and I want to share my story. ICA Banken is a Swedish bank, and they should serve their customers, but of course, being a bank, ICA Banken is just scamming people! takođe, Bitcoin is moving sideways like we have expected. kako god, how long can we expect the Bitcoin price to continue to do this? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Pogledajte video kako biste saznali više!

0:51 Weekly Chart
7:47 Golden Cross Soon?
10:15 When Breakout?
18:46 ICA Banken Con

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"ICA Banken" Scamming People (& Me)!! | Will Bitcoin Break This Sideways Action?

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  1. Didn’t knew you were a fellow Swede, hej! Had an experience myself somewhat equal to your’s, but with Danske Bank.

  2. Carl… bankers are criminals.
    There are no governmentsonly bankers posing as governments.

  3. you should close that account, making sure they know the reason why, and use your channel to encourage everyone else to do the same. If enough people do this they will soon change their conditions or go extinct like the dinosaurs they are.

  4. you didnt sign any agreement from the bank to get affected from any amendments of their agreement, i believe if people gather and sue the bank they can win.

  5. I can’t help but smash like every time he tells me to keep watching thisss VIDEO! Legendary analysis.

  6. Banks signing their own death certificate. Trying to tell people what they can do with their own money. This is why bitcoin was created and the reason it will never die.

  7. Imagine you loaned your car to a friend to keep for you because he has a bigger and more secure garage than you do, but when you need to retrieve your car to go pick up a friend he won’t allow you access to your own car simply because he doesn’t like the friend you want to give a lift to with it. – Who would stand for that?

  8. Me too, but is always a question of time when also the swiss banks will follow… 🙂

  9. If you drag thatYellowsupport line further back, it has more points of contact therefore making it more reliable.

  10. In the 2 days timeframe, Bitcoin has already formed a new DEATH CROSS.
    tako, expect that Bitcoin will enter in the 2 k range.
    In the 2014 bubble, Bitcoin made DEATH CROSSES until the 6 days timeframe. stoga, we still have a lot of time to the downside.

  11. I am also Swedish. It took me a long time too before realizing that the Moon is Swedish!

  12. If we drop below 6800, how low do you think we can go, what is the next resistance point?

  13. +The Moon what bank is working best for you in Sweden? I had same issue with ICA and Swedbank. And I really need to find a way or to know what’s the bank that doesn’t gives u trouble with Bitcoin handle.

  14. +The Moonthanks for ur answer. Do u use it informally or u opened your own business? Cause they say you don’t really need a business account to get payments but I’m not really sure if I should open a business account or use an sparbankskonto.

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