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  1. Really like your videos! Always on point never boring, plus you have time marks in the description 👏🏼

  2. A great analysis again Carl. I listen to many analysts, yours come pretty close to whathappening in market. Keep up the good work

  3. Because I love ur honest video content I signed up on bybit using ur affiliate link. Keep letting us know when I long or short.. Thanks buddy

  4. Carl, much appreciate ur TA/FA & commentary.
    Bolivars are cheaper than toilet paper
    Kind regardz2all.

  5. Your tutorials and analysis are great Carlthank you for all of them. I have been enjoying following up for some time now. I am interested to increase my knowledge. Do you offer further training or paid private tutoring by any chance? najbolje,

  6. Karl, I like that you included all the different scenarios that could play out. 👏

  7. Bitcoin halving hype on the horizon..🌬🏄‍♂️

    Looking forward to OKEx sponsored John Kim 77 Łitecoin Asian tour.

    1. Taipei, Tajvan 2. Hong Kong 3. Ho chi Minh, Vietnam 4. Kula Lumpur, Malezija 5. Manilla, Philippines

  8. I personally prefer to see rsi divergence under 30 before I go long.this goes for crypto and traditional markets. This is true unless I see a clear support zone in the rsi. Thanks for the video carl! Your an amazing analyst that keeps it simple. My next long is the 9500-9k range on kraken. That’s the -.236 fib pull of the A wave and the 9k is the 100 percent extension of the A wave

  9. Bitcoin about to hit 10k just like you called it. Been waiting for this pullback, time to add to my position! hvala Carl!

  10. Seems like most of the other Youtubers went quiet during this volatility where as you give an accurate and detailed technical analysis on the market. Thanks for sharing your expertise

  11. You should make a discord with signals when you go into a trade! Could make some nice money with that as well.

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