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Bitcoin Tehnička analiza & Bitcoin News Today: Will the Bitcoin price break through the bear flag its in right now or get supported by the 100-week moving average? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Pogledajte video kako biste saznali više!

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Carl Eric Martin (Mjesec)


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30 komentari

  1. Well not a “pump” that youd like to see but none the less a green candle. Upwards momentum. Just be patient.

  2. Please don’t only look at the percentages. Look a the timeframe! The corrections in the last bullmarket needed only two or three weeks! Now we are in a correction for three months!!! The price of BTC is now 11 days under the 200 MA!!! This never happend before in a bullmarket. These are differences to 2017 and the years before, we must talk and think about 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Carl, please don’t rely on the poll you make here. Your influence on the results makes it unreliable. The vast majority is bearish ATM. The market sentiment is bearish and so are the analysts. Thank you for your great job you are doing here and sharing and having the approach you have.

  4. The drop in hashrate chart had no significance it was probably a glitch in block time intervals, as it returned to normal values soon

  5. Once we enter into 6month(decembar) zone I expect it to begin trending upward again as it has before in the past before the halving.

  6. when you mention the moving averages please also reference what the prices are for those particular points since you don’t zoom out enough for us to see it

  7. Nice haircut and timing, I got my haircut yesterday as well! ^^
    Question for you Carl: in the video you mention higher lows and lower highs on the hashrate daily chart, do you think chart analysis chart is significant in this case?
    AFAIK the daily hashrate chart points are just estimations based on the average time-to-get-new-block in a given day, thus the points carry with them a statistical variance typical of random variables.
    While I recognise there’s a clear upward long term trend in hashrate difficulty, I think the daily up&downs are just some kind of white noise added over that long term trend and don’t provide worthy insights, but I’m curious about your opinion!

  8. @WISDOM BITES i subscribed and watched your Videos! Interesting view 👍 300.000 $ per BTC in Oktober 2021 is very optimistic. The way you want to increase your Bitcoin is risky too in my opinion. Gold luck my friend✌😉

  9. Momentum is important, we don’t have it right now. Hashrates are not indicative of the direction we are going, momentum is! Thanks for sharing

  10. just a correction and that is actually bearish , it mostly always get up before a crash , but not sure if i will open a new short, my short is already close

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