BITCOIN SHORTS JUST CRASHED 27%!! Shorts At Record LOW Levels!! | 4 Hour Uptrend Still Intact

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Bitcoin Tehnička analiza & Bitcoin News Today: Bitcoin short positions just crashed. The BTC shorts are now at record low levels, and is this a sign of a Bitcoin correction? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Pogledajte video kako biste saznali više!

0:34 Bitcoin Today
9:57 Bitcoin Shorts
13:24 Stock Market Analysis

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BITCOIN SHORTS JUST CRASHED 27%!! Shorts At Record LOW Levels!! | 4 Hour Uptrend Still Intact

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33 komentari

  1. There is almost no chance we won’t see a massive correction of about 35% before we go to another golden age.

  2. Can’t wait see my BTC wallet over 5 years 😎1️⃣ 0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣😎 amount in $$$ 😁

  3. Retrace to 4500. All Daily Oscillators are ridiculously overbought. 4 hour RSI has a clear bearish head and Shoulders

  4. The Moon mate what’s your gut telling you we ganna see a parabolic rally this year? Something is going on we don’t know about just yet Buffett in crypto now I heard too

  5. At least SOMETHING other than BTC all the flipping time. Litecoin would be nice.

  6. Side Note: you should not include wicks when trying to spot divergences since the RSI is calculated by the latest closes

  7. Karl thanks for another great video. I’m curious, what is your background on economics? You seem to be well rounded on economy and banking.

  8. Carl, that’s not bearish divergence on the 4-hour chart. You shouldn’t be drawing that line so far back as the RSI followed the price of BTC on the chart. It’s not as significant as the upswing of the BTC price but it’s definitely not bearish divergence.

  9. Carl, fantastic video once again. ThNk you so much for sharing. From Florida, stay blessed.

  10. Hope bitcoin goes down still. I still want to accumulate it more before the run. hvala, Carl! What Country are you in?

  11. +Antoine Jameson look it’s not about enjoying it losses or I dare u 2 go all in .. I’m just saying long term it won’t matter ..obviously it’s gonna go down but there’s no guarantees it’s gonna be a life changing drop but we all agree it gonna go up and beat previous highs orcwe wouldn’t be here

  12. +Antoine Jameson and to be honest everyone seems to be waiting for this dip so I really can’t see it playing out for to long ..i for 1 will be buying in the dip

  13. as i love see btc goes up.. it would be better if there’s retracement to maintain a long lasting bullish momentum

  14. Look at CME futures chart : bitcoin is only now testing the 200 MA , institutional are probably looking if that breakout occurs

  15. +Crypto Trading Library once the fomo is over and people think back to when they could have had it for 3k and will not buy at these prices it will dump the demand dries up the only way is down.

    I’ll put money on it this time next year btc will be 1,500$ this time last year it was 6k it will half year on year until the last seller as sold then it will go to new highs.

    Just buy little bits if you have spare cash acumalate one guy bought 10$ worth every week for 2 years for his kids thinking nothing of it and it exploded they are millionaires hes on YouTube talking about it.

    Most traders lose money if you acumalate all the time each week you will make far more than 90% of traders be the 10%

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