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Bitcoin Analiza & Bitcoin News Today: Donald Trump tweets about Iran threatening with war. Is the president actually starting a war on Twitter? takođe, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Pogledajte video kako biste saznali više!


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Carl Eric Martin (Mjesec)


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36 komentari

  1. military industryin usa is very big. It has to have some war from a time to a time or at least war threat.

  2. So many people are bearish on this right now, meanwhile I am over here buying every week because these prices are cheap considering the possibilities of where we could go. I personally believe the bottom has either already set in or is very very close. We broke the 6k resistance (2018 bear market support) for a run up to 14k, and now we have come back down to test that 6k level to confirm resistance has become support↗⬇↗ before moving on up again.

  3. The funny thing with Burger King: imagine situation during lunch time: 40 prodavnicama * 3 checkout / 120s/customer = 1 tx/s or 15% of total on chain capacity. Hope that mc Donald’s doesn’t follow 😉

  4. What if mcafee will be right?
    And in case of ww3 every land will try to buy much bitcoin as possible becouse the power of store of balue and borderless unconfiscable features

  5. Carl: “…so don’t get too bullish
    Also Carl: *is the most (long-term) bullish BTC pundit out there*

    Love your videos man! Keep it up, I tune in every day and don’t listen to anyone else about crypto 🙂

  6. “Is there a war on the horizon??"

    Nope, there’s a difference between strong arming and wishing for war

  7. All Bitcoin needs is time. Two or three Halving’s is a flicker of time, nakon 16. Go on with your life, doing what you love, living where you love, with the one you love, dollar cost average in. and Hodl on.

    Do the pour over entry. Make your own coffee, and pour the savings into Bitcoin weekly, for a year.

  8. taylor boggis there is a Biblical prophecy that says that’s what you will want. “When they call for Peace and Safety, sudden destruction comes upon them”
    If you give up total control, borders, sovereignty and weapons to defend yourself to an overlord. You will be enslaved and killed. Remember these words.

  9. JoshuaJameson , That would not be Murder. Murder is the unlawful premeditated killing. I see nothing in the way of premeditation in your scenario.

  10. mik3ymomo The Bible also says, a time to kill, die, break down, weep, mourn, gather stones, hate, war…. Ecclesiastes 3:3

  11. remember it was at 6000 for months before falling lower to 3000 grand, then it shot up to 14000, so nothings certain

  12. There’s war in the streets n war in the middle east. Instead of a war on poverty, they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me.

  13. agreed; as the world become more decentralize, war will be a thing in the pass. At the moment war need to occurred with the dept system and fiat money.

  14. @jeremy armitage You are right by saying nothing is certain. However during the time Bitcoin was trading in range right before the dump to 3k, Bitmex funding rate was showing longs paying shorts, indicating a dump was inevitable. This time we are trading in range and Bitmex funding rate is showing the opposite. This indicator has been very reliable. Ovo (combined with many other factors) is telling me that we aren’t going much lower. Naravno, it remains to be seen.

  15. JoshuaJameson lotta goon talk in this thread. Killem all and let fox news shout Freedom while suburbia shrugs off women and children being crushed in rubble. Start polishing your gun collections and muttering snowflake at anything that doesnt sound like a war chant.

  16. war is great opportunity to destroy bitcoin community they hate long time and also china russia aiib

  17. Hello Carl,
    Is there a possibility of an inverse head and shoulders forming in the chart? Please let me know.

  18. @Piotr V Well, it is a speculative market after all. I know the risks, if I lose money, then oh well. I’ll just move on. The potential upside of this asset is worth the risk to me.

  19. The black swan will be when the quote isiran uses bitcoin for terrorist activities”,Mr Tthen exercises a war on not iran but bitcoin itself,are we allfools

  20. He’s trying to deflect from his impeachment, he’s the worst to ever be installed in the oval.

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