Bitcoin Moving Up! | Venezuela Bitcoin Volume Increasing | Ethereum & talasanje [Bitcoin Today]

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Bitcoin Analiza & Bitcoin, Crypto News Today: I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to show you a key resistance point in the hourly chart the bulls need to break. takođe, we'll talk about the SEC, and the fact that they still seem to be positive about Bitcoin. You will also get some technical analysis on Ethereum & talasanje. štaviše, we talk about the Venezuelan inflation crisis and the fact the Venezuelan Bitcoin trading volume is going up. Pogledajte video kako biste saznali više!

1:19 Bitcoin
5:38 talasanje
8:18 Ethereum
9:52 Bitcoin/Crypto News

Cointelegraph Venezuela: HTTPS://
Forbes Venezuela: HTTPS://

Bitcoin Moving Up! | Venezuela Bitcoin Volume Increasing | Ethereum & talasanje [Bitcoin Today]

26 komentari

  1. hvala Carl. We love what you are doing. …keep up your fantastic content just the way it is. 😎

  2. hvala Carl. Since the GFC I have been following the price of WTI crude oil. The world economy struggles to grow if the price stays above $100 a barrel. u 2008 the price spiked to nearly $150 a barrel!

  3. No one is generally buying except the HFT bots and the whales sloshing the same money in and out

  4. Gracias por sus videos. Estoy muy pendiente de ellos y mas o menos los entiendo, especialmente cuando están subtitulados, ya que puedo leer un poco en inglés, pero me es más difícil entender cuando habla.

  5. Haha nice video Carl but u need to pronounce YEN correctly🤣keep up the good work tho

  6. Yes Carl, your opinion about fundamental analisis is important, and you are smart to give it! thank you i was thinking that i like to hear predictions based on fundamental analisis, that is

  7. Good that you cover the global macro picture, as well as crypto analysis. Nakon svega, the reason we are all here concentrating so much on the crypto-verse is because of everything that’s going on so wrongout there.The two worlds are interdependent, not isolated. hvala, Carl.

  8. Just a thought Carl. Check out the CDN dollar vs BTC chart. It seems as though $10K CDN is serving as a solid resistance point. Canadians must live crypto! It’d be great to hear your technical analysis on this point.
    Thanks for all the videos! Good stuff Carl!

  9. the big question- when will this economic collapse occur here in the us? imminent? 2020? 2 years is a short term long time!:)

  10. da, I like hearing your views on world economic issues & banking collapse! And the new news!

  11. hvala Carl, I really like it that you keep me updated on whats going on in the world economy. Please keep up the good work!

  12. It reminds me of Germany after World War one It’s sad to see people in such despair.

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