Bitcoin FALLING! Where Is The Support? | Global Economic Collapse Coming!

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Bitcoin Tehnička analiza & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin is falling, where is the support? takođe, is there a global economic collapse coming? Pogledajte video kako biste saznali više!

0:48 Bitcoin Tehnička analiza
15:36 Economic Collapse

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Bitcoin FALLING! Where Is The Support? | Global Economic Collapse Coming!

36 komentari

  1. Karl you are doing great! You gives info to help us succeed, so I say don’t worry about the time. ja mislim 20-40 minutes is good time.

  2. lol stop with the dyingI respect your videos and advice but my friend Bitcoin and Crypto are a financial revival. We will MOON it’s inevitable but great videos on day to day.

  3. Companies issue stocks to raise funds. It is a form of debt. If they are buying back their stocks they are limiting their debt.

  4. Me too, I’ve been watching for months, it shouldn’t change to please the new crowd

  5. I think that the next temporary support for Bitcoin in its journey to the 2 k range will be 4200.
    tako, for traders, this is the last opportunity to act accordingly to avoid meaningless losses.

  6. I get proud to see my trader’s name on some video’s comment section. Ben Fredrick deserves more accolades than he’s receiving now.

  7. Hi Carl, thanks for the nice video.

    What I can understand, in case of economic collapse, fiats will be cheaper and all stock price, houses will be more expensive. Like Venezuela, May be 100 dollars will be required to buy one bread. So stocks will be more expensive in Fiat units. Can u clarify in next video?

  8. *good to see a proper video where you aren’t rushing to keep it short. short videos aren’t for you bro. you are a details guy and that’s what we appreciate about you.*

  9. Hi Carl, and I agree we all should put our money in hard assets to save the saveable.Great video! Lets just hope and pray that this reset will come when most people are prepared.

  10. What will happen during the next economic collapse? Will money move into Crypto? It has to go somewhere… zlato / Silver

  11. As always, love the update 🙂 Proud to be tradingat your sideso to speak! Thank you for the service you do for this community!

  12. Am new to This channel and I came across this comment. I need an account manager, how do I get in contact with Ben? And any idea when the Bull run is predicted to occur?

  13. One of your best videos Carl. You speak the truth and more people need to hear it. Thank you my friend

  14. I was having losses on my trades but I came in contact with Ben Fredrick and he used two strategies for assets which fluctuates and that is the risk reversal strategy and hedging strategy in that way the call and put are placed together on one asset and this guarantees that one will generate a positive outcome, reducing losses. He’s the best.

  15. People calling for a collapse since 1970. Btw, change to log when you look at long-term charts. 100 points in 1990 is not the same as 100 points today

  16. TheScamr No stocks are not debt. And byebacks are not paying back debt. Paying back debt is paying back debt.

  17. The Moon realy good economic review, money need go back to real economy, karl look at bancor (the only solve money problem)

  18. Thanks for the great contentshare price is the only important thing to ceos, even if the company doesn’t organically grow or develop! Its a recipe for disasterdecentralisation is the answer!:)

  19. Don’t care about your vid length voting result! The 4 available length opportunities were missleading! The correct vote answer would have been: IF I HAVE REASONABLE IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS THAT TAKE 2 HOURS TO EXPLAIN, THE VID SHOULD BE EXACTLY 2 HOURS. Instead of „2“ you can set in every NumberDon’t care about the misslead vote anymore! Keep going 😉

  20. Carl, do you ever watch/listen to peter Schiff? You were channeling some schiff in this video. Good video, I enjoyed it. 👊

  21. We should be seeing maybe even a 90 u 95% total economic crashand if you think that is interesting you should definitely keep watching this videowell played sire

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