Bitcoin FALLING! Bear Flag Forming? [Bitcoin Today]

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Bitcoin Analiza & Bitcoin News Today: Bitcoin is falling, where is the support? There is a potential bear flag forming in the hourly chart calling for a bottom at around $6,340. To watch my technical analysis, watch this video!

0:40 Bitcoin
11:50 Ethereum

Bitcoin FALLING! Bear Flag Forming? [Bitcoin Today]

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  1. BTC is sucking again. Ugh?! 😿👎🏼
    Volume is just terrible. It’s really killing any breakout.

  2. I hate being right. this could be the beginning of the cascade down. Stop losses will be tripped like crazy and the market is already flush with coins. I feel sick, and 6k will not hold cause the stop loss cascade, that will be tripped. possible 3200-3500 before it will stop. please do a worse case video for us so we can get a over all perspective of what could happen.

  3. Boy I was watching at exactly 3.00 a.m. coinbase all of the big four just dropped all together perfectly orchestrated huge hit when everybody is sleeping I mean this is freaking manipulation at its best you have to give them props

  4. prvo! ..You so often are on my updates addressing current trends Carl  Greetings and good morning from the UK! ja mislim (humble novice that I am) that 5,5 is likely (was that the 786?), but given the degree of manipulation, ja mislim 4,4 isn’t unrealistic. I’m kind of bullish and bearish, as I know we’ll see sub 4,4 u <3,3 but perhaps not until they plunge the stock markets. I hate that they made me into such a cynical investor, and I keep laddering my buys, but bearish though I am, I’ll only be watching and holding when it goes below 5,5 (as I’ll have no money left to invest anyway) lol. Just remember peeps, you should not be in this market to make short term gains unless you are an experienced day trader with only that aim. Demonstrate your faith in the market, and belief in block chain to change the future of mankind. Buy and hold, don’t get shaken out trying to squeeze minor profits, and in 6 months to a year you will be laughing, so relax and HODL (if you are trading with leverage, then just 100% short your contracts to hedge your potential losses in the event we have a lower low and remember your stop losses – Don’t get greedy and let you equity get to low to hedge in the bear trend). Crypto is but one part in a much bigger game involving the economy guys. Eyes open wide!

  5. only thing i know is that the bottom will be v shaped when big boys buy in, charts are only good for rekting ppl who belive in them. bottom can be at 6k or very near, i certainly wont margin short here.

  6. breakout, bullish, breakout, bullish…. just now you say falling??? u must learn again!!

  7. ili, we’ll eventually invert the trendthis will happens when everyone will be convinced about the bear! We still have some bull around

  8. tone vays , bitraged and real-crypto have all covered this fully. we are going down to $3000

  9. I told u so! Shirt btc to the earth! Next stop is $4000! For a while then 2000 u 2019

  10. Moon, you are a nice guy. I can give you a few lessons in TA if you want to help your channel.

  11. I predict that it will stop declining now, increase by 3.8% and reach its top at 3 AM (BST) before dropping again by about 5%.

  12. Oh u are bearish now? did u remember your comment on tone vays-doug polk bet?

  13. This boy thinks he has any idea about market analysis. He has no any hahahahaha

  14. This is the final purge of scum out of the market. Regulation news from China in regards to money laundering made this happen. With all those guys fleeing like rats to new places where they can launder their money, the market may actually be better off. Much weaker, but in the same time PR wise, much stronger. Now thedrug moneymyth may slowly die out

  15. I love this any time the crypto streamers say something is going to happen I do the opposite lmfao

  16. I am absolutely loving this. Shorted ETC with all the leverage I could get. BTC will see mid 5k shortly…. RIP Alts lol

  17. reversal? its been going down all year. don’t know which reversal your talking about

  18. The Moon hey carl, want to brag about how much your right some more? Good job on calling the 3 percent breakout like a boss.

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