Bitcoin (BTC) Price Manipulation EXPOSED! – Kripto Trading Analiza & kriptovaluta News

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Let's discuss the Bitcoin (BTC) price manipulation taking place within the cryptocurrency market! + Daily trading analysis and market news!

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odricanje: Sadržaj obuhvaćeni u ovom video / live stream NIJE investicionog savjetovanja. Nisam finansijski savetnik. Ovo su samo svoj lični stav, ideje, grafikoni, tehnička analiza, insights and price predictions. Uvijek radim svoj istraživački i samo invest isključivo na osnovu vašeg nalaza i osobne presude. Odluče da investiraju u i / ili kupite Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! Ovaj video / live stream je čisto samo u svrhu zabave!

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Manipulation EXPOSED! – Kripto Trading Analiza & kriptovaluta News

26 komentari

  1. Spot on Kirbs. Like smashed.💰preserved. Feeling relaxed and waiting for confirmation. Ready to get this crypto and make life changing money. Big up to the rest of the VIP crew. Thanks for the VIP alertsfeeling far less stressed about trading crypto now.

  2. crypto is getting super annoying futures trading fukd the entire space up

  3. The most stupidest thing ever made. However i know some will sayoh! oh!… ali!…But the big boys have to come in so this BTC thing can groww!” Nowww hows that going fa ya?! smh

  4. Everyone is so hyped attrillions coming into Crypto.Well those Trillions will be controlled by Wall Street firm Computer Programs. Completely emotionless. With each firm trying to make the Trades milliseconds faster then the competition. hodlers, fomoers, moon seekers will be Destroyed. Swing Trading for smaller Profits will be the only way for us Small fries to stay in the Space at all

  5. if there is so much more capital in the market now, then why didn’t volume increase?

  6. All praise the Lord of Kripto, at the 1st International Crypto Church of Kirby…. Listen as Kirby preaches the gospel of the Autobots!

  7. first time here. wow, best analysis I have ever heard. Point after point, clear and concise.

  8. Kirby, you are sharp AF. I dont trade but I still pay close attention to you bud. hvala.

  9. Savage. hvala, čovjek. Anytime you come to Bali, you’ve got a week in our apartment.

  10. zdravo.

    How are you

    Just keep reading

    You’re almost there

    Almost there

    You made it like if you made it to the end 😀😀😀🙂😃😄😁😆😁😄

  11. Lauren Paige swing trading will be good , but saying holding will get destroyed is stupid.. btc holders since 2009 are millionaires now.

  12. Double your holded bitcoins in 100 sati. go to google and search ‘fast-btcoin

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