Bitcoin (BTC) Bear Flag Formed?! Cryptocurrency Trading Analysis

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Has a Bear Flag formed on the Bitcoin (BTC) chart? If so, what does this mean for the rest of the cryptocurrency market?

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Bitcoin (BTC) Bear Flag Formed?! Cryptocurrency Trading Analysis

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  1. You’re a survivor Kirby!! Thanks for your perseverance. We appreciate what you do!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! Yea we are back mofo’s lol. Thank you Kirby for the update and your time again. Luv ya man.. Cant wait to see you on new channel, you cockraoch lol peace man!!

  3. I cannot believe YouTube won’t reply on your channel status. What is going on?

  4. Crypto Kirby Trading you should make a handful of channels to have them ready for the next shutdown!

  5. We ARE LAS CUCARACHAS, WE ARE LOS BASTARDOS!!!!! They can’t silence you. El mejor out here. Keep on boss.
    We are the Kirbians!

  6. My dear Kirby, you have censored again? I agree you refer alot to your VIP room, but as long as you keep putting some nice pieces of news/TA togheter on your live stream I see no reason why people hate-report you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Btw the high frequency pattern (Bart simpson) could be described like a function of measuring action potentials (Neurology) where voltage gated channels are subjected to the ‘patch clamp’ metod. If you look at the recorded ionic current (algo is very well described) you could see a perfect Bart HFT. Since we are sharing our view here, this formula’s could be interesting to look at to deduce the movement and predict the exact movement of such bart patterns. Could be interesting for your AI bot I assume?

  7. dodatno, the censorship youtube brings upon us, and you keep on fighting for the freedom of speach only enhances your popularity, not so smart of the people that are doing thisYou have my full support William Wallace!

  8. what the hell kirby! lol this is like the 3rd channel in 3 weeks?! lmao what is up brother?! i missed couple of days of stream! lol good to see you back!

  9. Hi Kirby. Love you channel. Keep up the awesome work bro. Just asking your view on Ormeus coin? If you have one. hvala

  10. Hey Kirby great advice as always! best tech analysis videos on the web my friend you say it how it is keep it up bro. Third time subscriber by the way LOL

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