Bitcoin razbije!!! ISPOD PODRŠKA!!! $2,600 SLJEDEĆI?!! | Analiza obima!

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Bitcoin Tehnička analiza & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Pogledajte video kako biste saznali više!

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ODRICANJE: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, i 80% of traders don't make money. Make sure that you understand these risks if you are a beginner. I only recommend crypto trading to already experienced traders!


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Carl Eric Martin (Mjesec)

Bitcoin razbije!!! ISPOD PODRŠKA!!! $2,600 SLJEDEĆI?!! | Analiza obima!

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38 komentari

  1. and if u think this sounds depressing then I think u should def. watch this video.

  2. Youre right on everything about Bitcoin, Unfortunately the only way it will be adopted is when the MSM says so. Not until people see it on their phones while theyre scrolling through facebook, or theyre favorite sites, local media stations, with headlines everywhere sayingBitcoin is the way of the future, heres how to get your piece!”
    Most people I know in the real world could care less about crypto, They could care less about the fed printing millions of dollars a second. Cash is king, until the media says it not.

  3. Hi Carl,
    I want to know what website or program are you using to see those graphicsIm using binance at the moment for trades and cant see the tools youre using. While watching you, making some practice by myself would be nice.

    Good job btw. 👌🏽

  4. Lol, look at Carl taking weekend data seriously… (basically just threw everything he told for months, out of the window)…

  5. Also the fact we have possibly a higher low if this holds. Channel broken, da, but could be a fake out and uptrend is still intact.

  6. I Love it when everyone is so bearish, Best buy signal ever without even looking at the charts!!! 🤑

  7. Cash will always be king. There is no reason governments would allow a decentralized digital currency to take over. It will not happen unless its beneficial to their pockets.

  8. But you seem to be in Thailand? And do alot of other trips to. Accumulating as much as you can would mean living as cheap as possible to me. Do you really accumulate as much as you possibly can?

  9. @Frank Pernell I think we need to shake all the skeptics and speculators out of the market. Unfortunately the people who needed disaster relief money had to get out as well….btc will have its come back. The utility hasn’t changed only the price.

  10. Silly talk, my 90 year old grandmother is not going to start buying Bitcoin during this crisis, most of the world barely knows what Bitcoin is much less know how to use it.

  11. Bitcoins timing for more downside is coupled to the fact there are still more declines in the stock market.

  12. of course he is not) do you think he really have some bitcoins? only in screenshots and trades))) just words and refferal bounties that he sell to USD))

  13. @Yaroslav Rudenok Cardano was never a working project. It’s a maybe if all goes well one day in the future blockchain project. Cardano to me is already worthless. Bitcoin on the other hand is a working blockchain with a 10 year history. Not comparable

  14. @Giak Q I’m just compared TA side if we broke 4-3k range we will have lower low like ADA does

  15. @Yaroslav Rudenok probably, but there is a lot of buying pressure Bellow 4k. Look how long we stayed there in the last crash, it basically stayed below 4k in a flash, that’s very bullish. If it happens again then it’s a double bottom and it can only go up from there

  16. One daythe bulls, the second day published the bears, još jedan – one daythat the alt season begins, and the next day that the alt season ends … čovjek … I lost my mind. And I lost confidence in this channel. I watched you for 3 godina … but now I know a lot more cryptocurrencies than before and I just can’t listen to you anymoreyou are now only a seller, and what counts for you is the amount like on the channeland the profit from links. you are weakand you are like a flag, when the wind blows there you direct your interest

  17. Hes only human hes giving his personal opinion hes allowed to be wrong because crypto market is unpredictable. He said a big move was coming and it came.

  18. Truth is that hyperinflation helps price of anything with real value. That includes bitcoin, zlato, some real estate, some businesses, ect

  19. @Henry Tejeda As I mentioned before. Više nego 2 years back Carl was different person. I’m long sub with this channel. and This is my opinion and no need to explaining more.

  20. Carl change the name f your channel to off a cliff. Bitcoin is failing more than anything right now. I don’t know why you think bitcoin is so great. Bitcoin will only go up once the major indices have a strong new bull run. Which could take a year or more.

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