Bitcoin Bottom?! | Proof Of Keys! | 10 Years Since Genesis Block

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Bitcoin Tehnička analiza & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Pogledajte video kako biste saznali više!

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Bitcoin Bottom?! | Proof Of Keys! | 10 Years Since Genesis Block

49 komentari

  1. Yeah First one………. Thanks Buddy…….Hope you have a fantastic New year………..SteveK

  2. proof of keys is just another way the media is trying desperately to pump the price.

  3. Pls stop saying that its a iH&S because is not, first of all the right shoulder is lower compared to the left shoulder! And the volum on the head is not indicating that that’s the head, second the volume in the right shoulder is not so high, we need to see a huge volume spike in tha right shoulder. If this were a iH&S the right shoulder needs to be at the same lvl with the left shoulder or o little bit higher!!! Ty

  4. Carl can u look at the silver weekly chart. It looks similar to btc and it was in a bubble also and has not recovered

  5. I think 3.1K was the bottom. We might bob around for next 6 u 9 mjeseci, but the bottoms in.

  6. Good video again Carl:) the right shoulder does seem to be a lot broader compared to the left shoulder. By when can we say that the inverted H&S failed because we keep going sideways?

  7. Silver is just a paper market. I’ve heard numbers like ‘100 times the available physical amount of silveris traded in paper on exchanges. Since the supply of silver for investment is so heavily manipulated, it can only be compared to bitcoin if all exchanges run that kind of paper bitcoin scam. Proof of keys might show that is the case tho 🙂

  8. i just withraw all my btc from binance! Ledger nano s shows not correct the USD value.. Do u have the same problem??

  9. the one thing 2018 market confirmed is nobody can or did predict where btc was going.

  10. +Tide Bleach he is right. this is not an IHS at all.volume is wrong to begin with. the neckline is also wrong.

  11. how do you call that red dildo from 6k to 3k without a ded cat, you call it capitulation

  12. pls realize that the purpose of this videos is just getsupport (% money spent) from viewers

  13. ne. The 2nd shoulder will reach the neckline in about a day or two and will set off Carl’s fireworks in his pants. And in mine lol.

  14. You guys are all wrong. If you had any real TA skills at all, you can clearly see that the IH and S is textbook perfect, and only a day or two away from reaching the neckline. Then Carl is letting off illegal fireworks in his backyard. And I’m invited. So are you.

  15. Unlike last time, we’re currently in arisk-offenvironment in the entire broader market. BTC was born out of a recession, but it has never been tested in a worldwide recession before.

  16. +chris andre are you sure about that, bear markets reverse when you run out of sellers, green dildo after red one is just volatility, we had a text book capitulation

  17. So many experts commenting here. No one knows for sure if we have bottomed or not so stop saying it has or it hasn’t for god sake. In my opinion I believe we have bottomed but remember that’s just MY opinion and belief based on the current chart and previous ones.

  18. Carl I have a question, if I transfer my bitcoin to Leger wallet, how I am going to be able to by or sell in the exchange?

  19. +Crypto Class 101 zaista, i don’t know where they get that the neckline can’t decline. and the volume makes sense to. if they would spent 5 minutes looking at previous h&s ans ih&s they could see this them self.
    now lets hope it completes above the neckline. and we can golden cross.

  20. Prolly bottom for now until Mt Gox sellers start in May….seems like there’s ALWAYS bearish news right around the corner

  21. People in crypto less than a year or two would benefit greatly from keeping a journal of their sentiments so when they feel like theycan’t believesomething they will remember. Everything is a cycle.

  22. +GERGXReal Sorry but I don’t think I’ll listen to someone who Calls a red candle stick a red dildo 🤷‍♂️

  23. +Chris Bird obviously, but i think it back fired. I got the feeling that someone wanted the price to pump and everyone else would have trouble getting their btc back onto the exchanges. Seems people are not stupid after all.

  24. +AirForceDave Kevin Svenson is a great one to listen too. He has a great strategy and called this drop in price since February. I wish I had found his channel sooner. But I’ll !let you be the judge.

  25. I too, watch Kirby and Carl. I agree on the higher high. CryptoCrewUniversity and Alessio Rastani are good too.

  26. Litecoin mining reward halving in 2015 signified Bitcoins last bottom. Expecting the bottom to be in soon, sa 2019 Litecoin halving now on the horizon!

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