Bitcoin BEAR MARKET OFFICIALLY ENDED?! -LIVE Crypto Trading Analiza & BTC kriptovaluta Cijena Vijesti

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Has the Bitcoin (BTC) price bear market officially ended, po mom mišljenju?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + struja 2019 tržištu vijesti i akcijskoj cijeni + prediction on cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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odricanje: Sadržaj obuhvaćeni u ovom video / live stream NIJE investicionog savjetovanja. Nisam finansijski savetnik. Ovo su samo svoj lični stav, ideje, grafikoni, tehnička analiza (TA), uvid, kustos vijesti publikacija i predviđanje cijene(e) za 2019 i šire. Uvijek radim svoj istraživački i samo invest isključivo na osnovu vašeg nalaza i osobne presude. Trgovinu i / ili ulaganje u Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) ili bilo koju drugu vrstu kriptovaluta ili altcoin je izuzetno visok rizik i tržišta + cena bilo koje imovine može srušiti u bilo koje vrijeme! Cryptos su nevjerojatno nestabilna! Uvek treba da se konsultuje sa profesionalnom finansijski savetnik prije ulaganja ili trgovanje bilo sredstvo / roba / etc. Ovaj video / live stream je čisto samo u svrhu zabave! —

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Bitcoin BEAR MARKET OFFICIALLY ENDED?! -LIVE Crypto Trading Analiza & BTC kriptovaluta Cijena Vijesti

37 komentari

  1. Thumbs up ako si bikovski i odgovoriti komentirao nam reći zašto! 👍

  2. Sweet baby 👶 Jesus 😂💵💵💵💵💵 to the mooooooooooooonnnnnnn

  3. Crazy crazy brother! I keep waiting for a pull back to buy more, but it just ain’t happening. At least I got in a long the other day. Thanks kirbs for the 3am video lol

  4. How many guys here smacks the pc desk when Kirby does it? because i do, and my neighbors thinks that i am crazy.

  5. If you’re a bear don’t worry you got time to jump on this rocket baby 🚀 🚀 lol

  6. Crypto Kirby Trading I’m just doing the opposite of what I would normally do

  7. astronaut helmet ondancing with the Moon boys tonight- Savage ..Sheesh !

  8. Bought in at $8000 will take minus profits at $7000 and fomo back in at $10000!
    Killing it! Let’s get this crypto 😂😂😂

  9. Largest exchange hacked, Tether FUD, US congress proposing ban on crypto, wash trading at mind blowing rates!
    Bitcoin on parabolic rise..
    makes Sense 😂

  10. This is not organic growth. All coincides with bitfinex tether situation and “orchestrated” Binance Hack with closing withdrawals for a week. Retail will pay the price for this one way or the other

  11. Btc went through the $6.4k resistence like a hot knife through butter and then some. Shorts got rekt because they jumped in front of a train. I wouldn’t be surprised if btc goes up to the next major resistance area at $10k and then crashes and consolidates in the $7k region. Btc has said goodbye to the $4k and $5k levels.

  12. Ag mani set the sell order too low yesterday but ok profit.. Retracement.. doći! 💸💸💸

  13. So my boomer mom told me she was thinking about investing in Kohl’s stock last week. I had to try really hard to keep from laughing. A few years ago, she’d also tell me she was thinking about buying JCPenny stock because it was cheap. Investing in Kohl’s and JCPenny: those are the dreams of boomers. u međuvremenu, I’ve got btc 😂🤣

  14. Kirby, I hear a metallic sound when you hit that table. Is this the sound of your golden bars which you have spread out in front of you?

  15. Regardless of where the market is, the best buying opportunity is now and we are establishing higher lows along the way. ..The price may not reflect the true value of this digital asset. 👍

  16. +blvckmvnivc he is describing a typical emotional trader getting REKT. You will get it stick around.

  17. CryptoSpider Truthseeker – nažalost, that’s how it usually goes for most people.

  18. Как реально зарбатывать 3000 в день через интернет? kaže:


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