Are The Bitcoin (BTC) Bears Losing to Manipulation?! – kripto Trading & kriptovaluta News

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Are the Bitcoin (BTC) bears losing to manipulation?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading analysis + current news topics on today's video!

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odricanje: Sadržaj obuhvaćeni u ovom video / live stream NIJE investicionog savjetovanja. Nisam finansijski savetnik. Ovo su samo svoj lični stav, ideje, grafikoni, tehnička analiza, uvid, vijesti i cijenu predviđanja. Uvijek radim svoj istraživački i samo invest isključivo na osnovu vašeg nalaza i osobne presude. Odluče da investiraju u i / ili kupite Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! Ovaj video / live stream je čisto samo u svrhu zabave!

Are The Bitcoin (BTC) Bears Losing to Manipulation?! – kripto Trading & kriptovaluta News

21 komentari

  1. That was cruel. So glad I was out at the exact time because I was considering going short about 15 minutes before that SL Hunter just crushed all the shorts. That was basically a bot saying don’t follow me to The Valley of the shadow of death.

  2. Kirby luv your TA. You make it so easy to understand and what to look for, the dam bots.You get straight to the point and to make 1.5% profit I’d rather take 15% lol. Nice video keep up the good work.

  3. Best weapon against manipulation is to all centralized exchanges to be DEX. Binance already working on this.

  4. Almost took a trip to rekt city, thank god i watched this. Thanks for the tips! I’ve learned alot more from you in like a month than i have from any other youtuber all year! Slowly becoming less of a james at the water cooler, and more of a savage! LETS GET THIS CRYPTO

  5. Most of the TA shows BTC will bottom out between $5,100-$5,400 mid to end of next week then will start working its way up again.

  6. Whether or not BTC is under manipulation you can still make profit with the right trading strategy.

  7. Savage pump bro. Let s get that crypto. Forget James at the water cooler. He’s a noob.

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