$11,800 Target! | MASSIVE Falling Wedge In Bitcoin | Proof Of Keys | Hashrate Up

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Bitcoin Tehnička analiza & Bitcoin News Today: Massive falling wedge in the Bitcoin chart? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Proof of key is tomorrow, so buy yourself a Ledger Nano S or any other hardware wallet! Pogledajte video kako biste saznali više!

0:48 Bitcoin Tehnička analiza
6:50 Ethereum
9:07 Mining Difficulty
11:11 Proof Of Keys

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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Adjusts 10% Upwards For the First Time in Months


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$11,800 Target! | MASSIVE Falling Wedge In Bitcoin | Proof Of Keys | Hashrate Up

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  1. *_30% OFF_* Ledger Wallets: https://www.ledger.com?r=f988
    BitMEX: https://www.bitmex.com/register/NJu3r0
    0:48 Bitcoin Tehnička analiza
    6:50 Ethereum
    9:07 Mining Difficulty
    11:11 Proof Of Keys

    ☾ Support The Channel With These Affiliate Links:
    ◈ BitMEX Affiliate Link 10%: https://www.bitmex.com/register/NJu3r0
    ◈ Brave Browser: https://brave.com/the406
    ◈ Tradingview: https://tradingview.go2cloud.org/SH2gX
    ◈ Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11069112
    30% OFF Ledger Wallets: https://www.ledger.com?r=f988
    ◈ Coinbase Get $10 besplatno: https://www.coinbase.com/join/59d6a65d6b0de701316e0d81

  2. Where would that huge volume come from at a time like this? I wish for the best for btc price! but how?!

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  4. Smashed the likes. Thanks for the bull case. This is the only card for the bulls, while the volume is still declining and lower highs are increasing. Meaning the amount of Fibonacci advances are much smaller than declines in the bearmarket for days, weeklys, 4-sati, hourlies relative to the close. Riskreward for shorting was/is still way higher than longing during bearmarket until the bulls are coming with volumes for weeks.

  5. No volumeits unlikely btc will go up above the resistance line.was already tested 3 times and got sell off.i think this time will test again and will be big sell of wich will make a huge candle in volume and wil create a lower low wich is above 3k.

  6. You are just like other YouTuber trying to buy views, otherwise there is no sign of bull run.. keep going dude

  7. +12-22-2020 Dream I’ll like how shorters they get crushed I’ve had enough of fud all year

  8. It would be easy ..manipulation is the key . Some whales would start it and then Fomo would kick in ..over the year BTC has shot up unexpectedly hundreds of times ..

  9. +Evil black book Thing is those same people scream buy at all time highs and scream out of fear to sell at an currently 81% ish off the ATH lol it’s just human psychology and sheep behaviour at its finest. Have a nice day and enjoy this wonderfull month that is comming here for us. 🙂

  10. +Evil black book No I dont play those games lolz , i do swing trade on coinbase pro

  11. Carl. Happy new year and thanks for the steady content production over 2018. I’ve been a lurker for almost 6 mjeseci, but just thought to give you a compliment for all the nice videos. It’s my daily lunch break and I enjoy your transparant view on the market without being biased. Keep it up and thanks for all the lessons so far!

  12. try this; fibonacci; put previous high; $19xxx and then put the low on $2k and tell me; don’t you think those fib lines match up really well? likereally, really damn welltry it

  13. we bottomed out.. new year new luck 😉 Happy new year to all crypto hodlers.. next year this time, we wish we could have bought more..

  14. no bullish divergence on the RSIthat’s what we’re really waiting for; an actual signal, not just hopium

  15. well what you are saying may be correct but out there are so many having these thoughts, and anyway, if that is true, it may even go lower than 3k where it got rejected at the first place.
    My view is that we are bottoming out, because altcoins are recovering heavily, look at ETH especially and Bitcoin Cash.. What left out there are only some shorting on BTC with will be washed out soon. In my view, many people are focussed on btc before they touch any coin and altcoins are deemed to be risky. Well, they will be proven wrong soon, the market does not discount consensus, only probabilities, which are pretty much biased towards btc, wrongly so.

  16. Proof Of Keysevent sounds like the perfect day for whales to make moves on exchanges.

  17. You can’t trace lines like that, they are out of alignment. Also you have to choose to only at the body or the shadows of the candle, not both.

  18. Kataliaful he is not buying views. I’ve watch this page grow for at least 6 months now

  19. Yeah, well, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of a bitcoin halving event (profits historically on the order of thousands of percent on bull runs that only last a year and a half or so), right around the time that a halving bull run would start (between 17 i 12 months outMay of 2020).

  20. for me the intro and the outro are both legendary…..carl do a very good job and this is his special blend which is defenetly genius…..like it! između ostalog ….amazing TA every single day ….thank you for that

  21. +James Brown
    u also dont wanna get margin called when it dumps on supposed bottom. the trollbox on bitmex when 6k broke was disturbing.

  22. Its not an inverted Head and Shoulders and defenitly not an falling wedge. But we are in te accumulation zone between 4k and 2k.And for the record bearmarket wouldnt and with just on dip to 3k. Do youre own research guys this just my opinion.

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