$100M Tethers To Pump Bitcoin? Bitcoin Shorts Are CRAZY!! + Another Bearish Divergence

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Bitcoin Tehnička analiza & Bitcoin News Today: Will the $100M Tethers (Ushdt) on Bitfinex pump the Bitcoin price now? People think so, and I want to give you my opinion on both the Tether theory and also the fact that the Bitcoin short positions are through the roof. Is there a short squeeze coming? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction, so watch the video to learn more!

0:28 Bitcoin Pump Coming?
13:57 Bitcoin Tehnička analiza
16:54 Another Bearish Divergence!

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$100M Tethers To Pump Bitcoin? Bitcoin Shorts Are CRAZY!! + Another Bearish Divergence

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  1. The shorts when up meaning that 10k btc was borrowed from bitfinex but from the price action they are still held and not been dumped onto the market so a short squeeze is not possible as they don’t need to buy back what was not yet sold. I suspect they are used to create a large buy wall to prevent the price from going up. There was such a wall on bitstamp at about 7800 during the 8.4k pump making that level such large resistance. It was connected to that okex futures scandal for $400+ milion. The 100 million tether is worth just a bit more then the 10k shorts so it looks like the whale war games are about to start. Last time the bears took control in the end while not getting initial advantage.

  2. There are alot of shorts only 3-5 X leverage so a 300-400 dollar pump whill not liqidate them

  3. wow…. a lot of info to absorb here. I have my home work cut out for me. hvala Carl! U @ 6:20> min LoL I love ur channel

  4. Good video! Perhaps the movement was to get a reaction, move people one way or the other and then go the opposite way! Like Ronaldo doing a ‘step overin football/soccer and then going the other way? Best plan in this instance…………..watch the ball not the feet!

  5. Carl, I think its genius how you re-tweak your videos to be updated after you post them! Best TA channel on YT! Živjeli!

  6. i am. you want to make a bet via blockchain? i am a card manipulator , not those kinds you can buy from magic stores. but years of practice. i am willing to bet 3btc. i will create a video and in the video tell me what ever you want me to write down on a piece of paper before i do magic without any editing or video cut and all to be done via live streaming. lets do it.

  7. would you mind explaining what you mean by putting in a ‘short’. I hear it all the time and don’t know what a bitcoin ‘short’ je. I’m sure I’m not alone, so would you mind perhaps considering a short video on it. I always thought of a ‘shortas a leveraged trade to the downside, but based on some of the top youtube traders like yourself and kirby, seem to speak of shorts, it seems, in some other terms?

  8. aaaammmm….mister Carl….how come you knew about the xmr pump and why did you sent us only subliminal signals? I appreciate your objektiv way to be and I thank you for your videos!

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