⚠️ WARNING: BIG MOVE SOON for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Kripto tržišta Trading Analiza & kriptovaluta News

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upozorenje: Is a big move about to hit Bitcoin (BTC) soon?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current market news on cryptos in today's video!

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odricanje: Sadržaj obuhvaćeni u ovom video / live stream NIJE investicionog savjetovanja. Nisam finansijski savetnik. Ovo su samo svoj lični stav, ideje, grafikoni, tehnička analiza (TA), uvid, vijesti i cijenu predviđanja. Uvijek radim svoj istraživački i samo invest isključivo na osnovu vašeg nalaza i osobne presude. Trgovinu i / ili ulaganje u Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or any other type of cryptocurrency or altcoin is extremely high risk and the market can crash at any time! Cryptos su nevjerojatno nestabilna! Ovaj video / live stream je čisto samo u svrhu zabave!

⚠️ WARNING: BIG MOVE SOON for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Kripto tržišta Trading Analiza & kriptovaluta News

36 komentari

  1. Bro you’re literally the only gasoline keeping folks going in this market thanks and much looove kirby. When btc reaches new all time highs, expect a nice reward from me for all the help you’ve given me sir. I love you kirbs. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. vKoryo don’t worry my dear you been caught in my headlights , and you are looking splendidly, I doodilly you👌 🍉🍒🍇

  3. Lol, u 23:10 I saidHigh risk, low reward” – It was a mistake, I meant High REWARD, LOW Risk! 😂👍

  4. I agree…….Kirby is always spot on with crypto predictions. All other crypto guys pale in comparrison with Kirby. The only YouTuber close to Kirby’s caliber is Cryoto Crew University….and both seem to exactly re-confirm each other’s predictions, both also don’t just throw numbers at you out of a hat or guess…..if they don’t have enough data to predict……they say so. Kudos Kirby……you rock!

  5. In another crypto news: The NASA just hired JAAAAAAMES at the watercooler to copilot their next mission to the moon.

  6. Zašto? Half the clowns in this market are all about about high risk low rewardall the moon boys holding tightall the way to the moon!” Come hell or high water.

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